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Smog Riders Showdown: Gang war in the Steam City!

Dear Smog Riders,

A new season opens with another boardgame release from Scale Games. Congratulations smog Riders fans, today we welcome the card version of the game: Smog Riders Showdown.

Smog Riders Showdown shares a common universe and characters with Dimensions of Madness . However similarities end here, because game mechanics and components are very different and the new game is totally independent from its predecessor.

Smog Riders Showdown is a card game for 2-4 players that fight for controlling the critical zones of the Steam City. It includes a rulebook, 32 character cards, 133 tactical cards, 47 Steam Coins, 8 dominion cards, 6 location tiles and 29 Steam Power markers.

In order to achieve this goal we start the game with a gang of two characters. During the game we must hire new characters that would help us, and buy new tactical cards (equipment and weapons) from the market. Thus we are dealing with a deckbuilding game, where we must optimize the deck to make our team more effective than the rivals.

Like it happened in Dimensions of Madness, here we find characters from two factions: the  Commonsteam Aliance and the Abissal Empire.  Despite it is possible to have a gang with members of both factions (non companions), it is more convenient to choose one side if you want to get use of their skills.

The objective of the game is to conquer the Steam City, and you can achieve that goal by controlling three locations (city zones) or wining 50 Steam Power points. Locations can be controlled by characters, but only if their attributes of strength, magic and agility sum enough and there are no enemies present. Combats between characters are common when they try to control the streets, but those will intensify during the game after players recruit new characters and get access to more powerful attack cards.

On the other hand one player can win if he/she gets enough Steam Power points. Those can be earned by playing certain tactical cards, controlling locations or incapacitating characters. Always watch out for the Steam Power pool of your oponents and do not let them get locations freely… otherwise victory will fade out anytime.

Smog Riders Showdown is a fun and frenetic card game that players who like tactics and deck management would love. Despite it is easy to learn it is one of those tactical deep games with moderate randomness. Moreover the art of its steampunk universe will captivate the gaming community, and we are sure it will grant many hours of fun.

The game is recommended  for ages above 14 years old, and it will be released in October 24th  during the international game convention SPIEL´19, in Essen, with PVP of 25€. You can met us there in Hall 6 booth I-119.

If you are one of those counting the hours to get your copy, then do not forget to support the game in the preview of Essen in Board Game Geek.


The chronicles of Run: Between good and evil…

Hello friends,

As you know every history has an end, and The Chronicles of Run is not an exception. Do you remember our previous chapters dedicated to evil and good characters? Right, then you must be expecting the other four last heroes to come.  Hail king Keynan!… and with his majesty, behold the other neutral characters from Run.


Goblin of the Black Lands, in charge of ordnance for the Powder Eyes clan. He was captured by Bort, the Iron Butcher, guardian of Zhoor´s dungeons. Torture and enslavement drove him to madness. He was able to scape from imprisonment in a stroke of luck.

While fleeing, he chanced to come upon Thaal and her band. To survive, he joined the group in exchange for guiding them to the dungeons and the Gates fo Hell.


Jynz has fate 1 and owns the rune of Madness. This crazy goblin is weak… but hey watch out, because he has bombs! This scoundrel is nuts, and you better do not understimate him. Jynz gets +4 fate when deployed as attacker, and that is enough to give a nasty surprise… Bort included.




Thenidiel made her bow, Stifler, from the wood of the thousand-year old Tree of Insight and was eternally bount to the Nebutland forest as its protector. Supple as a reed and silent as the breeze, she feels the forest as one more of ther body´s appendages.

The outpouring of cold darkness brought on by the Return poisoned the roots of the Tree and tainted Thenidiel´s kind heart, drawing her into Zhoor´s cluthches. When Thenidiel discovers Thaal and her band, she feels threatened, and she tricks them into directing their vengeance against Keynan.


Thenidiel has fate 4 and uses the rune of Mischief. The archer is a character beloved by many players, since she gets a strong boost as defender (+4 fate). This allows you to win the challenge over all but the more powerful heroes fo Run, so make sure to place her in the appropriate location. It might be tempting to play Thenidiel early in the game, but remember that it will give your opponent more options to find a good counter.




Proud ruler of the kingdom of Run. He comes from a long line of power-hungry warriors who vanquished Zhoor, Lord of Havoc, at the battle of Red Sky in the Age of the Lions.

By a ritual performed by the Oracle of Fire and the blood of their first king, the Lions were able to lock him away in the depths of the Underworld. From that time on, the  blood of his line was cursed forever and became the key that could unlock the Underworld. Keynan, blinded by his thirst to expand his kingdom beyond what his predecessors had left him, fell prey to the siren call of the forces of darkness. His unbridled ambition led him to lose his kingdom and his only heir.

The king has fate 8 and rules with the rune of Ambition . Keynan is a very interesting hero, with high fate and unmovable (inmune to the Lust rune of Loreen). Use these two strong points in your favor, and avoid at all cost the treachery of Aruh´ka. The orc shaman is an unpredictable character, and she could spoil the victory of our proud king.




Unscrupulous mercenary and faithful parishioner of the taverns. She roams the lands of Run looking for the best bidder to give her any bloody work for the right amount.

Former royal guard, she was expelled by Keera herself due to her lack of discipline and rebellion. Addicted to problems, she will never hold a grudge becaouse now she lives acording to her nature.


Irina´s fate is 9 and she is represented by the rune of Exile. Her life changed dramatically when she was dismissed from the royal guard,  moulding her as one of the finest warriors in Run and ruthless mercenary. However she never forgets the death of king Keynan, and the death of Thaal is the only path for her redemption. In the game Irina can become amazingly poweful (up to fate 12!), but you need to surround her with your neutral or good characters in support. If the land shape of  the world of Run helps, plan a brilliant strategy with her… and Irina will make even Zhoor cry!



With the summoning of the neutral heroes the world of Run is completed; a circle of balance in combination with the good and evil ones. For their own nature, they are independent agents that can become very strong when stars align, but otherwise they could be easily overwhelmed. Neutral characters incarnate the drama of the history of Run, where heroes rise and fall in an eternal clash between order and chaos.

With this last entry we finished the review to the background of “The chronicles of Run”. We hope you enjoyed these histories… now it is time to bring your copy and play with your friends. The time to write your chapter in this legendary tale has come!


The chronicles of Run: For justice and the greater good!

Dear friends,

We continue today with another entry about the background of The Chronicles of Run. In our previous chapter we met the evil characters and we unveiled their mean arts used for winning at all cost. However, even in darkest hours there is still hope, and it is time for the arrival of bold paladins of justice to face them. Let us introduce you Thaal, the chosen, and the other heroes of good will.


Son of Krona Brokestone and Burk Bearsonn. He is a fith-generation dwarf dragon hunter. An intrepid explorer, his dexterity with the axe is matched byhis legendary prowess with tankards of beer.

Brother of Thaal, he witnessed his parents being murdered by Zhoor, who had taken on the form of an evil dragon. Together they would plot their revenge.


Broin has fate 3 and uses the rune of Brotherhood. This means that the dwarf is in terms of fate one of the worse characters in Run (poor guy!)… but on the other hand he could be crucial during the game. The reason is the rune, that let you exchange his position with another good character. This is something really valuable when we need to save another hero (more powerful) or just redeploy in a more convenient land. If this happens our frustated oponent will discover that Broin´s sacrifice is worth its weight in gold.



Champion of light, virtuoso of the Divine and skilled with sword, she was captain of Keynan´s, king of the Lions, honour guard. She left it when she discovered that Keynan´s ambition was responsible for the Return.

It is her destiny to deliver justice wherever evil reigns. Good fortune has linked her fate to that of Thaal and Broin Bearsonn. These warriors were filled with mistrust at first, but they overcome their rivalry during their long and arduous journey,


Keera has fate 6 and is represented by the rune of Justice. Our paladin is a medium powered character, and she can defeat the lesser heroes of Run without using more powerful cards. Moreover the strongest points of Keera is the ability to boost other adjancent good heroes; a +1 fate bonus can make a huge difference in challenges.



Legitimate daughter of the First Elves, she knows of the secret of inmortality. She has an inmense power to see the future in which she had for a long time used to keep the Kingdom of Run safe.

The pain she suffered because of the evil, venal nature of mankind over the centuries led her to shut herself off from the earthly realm.



The oracle has fate 7 and her powers take shape as the rune of witnessing . Only the most powerful characters in Run can dream on defeating her in a challenge, so it could be a good idea to place Lysbeth in low cost lands and do not fear of being contested. Furthermore witnessing  is an extremely useful tool, since it forces our oponent to play his/her next rune revealed. So remember, in order to get use of this rune properly… always deploy Lysbeth in turns that you must play first!



Raised by the Bearsonn´s, a family of dwarves in the mountains of the Crow, her training as a dragon hunter and her fierce and brave nature have made her a great warrior. She is unaware that the royal blood of the house of the Lions flows through her veins and that she is the daughter of king Keynan, stolen away.

After the tragic death of her parents in the talons of Zhoor, Thaal and Broin decided to seek vengeance and send out on an arduous journey to the gates of hell.

Thaal fate is 9 and she abides by the rune of Destiny. Since she is the main character of this tale Thaal is destined to achieve great deeds, and her best is the ability of defeating the almighty Zhoor in challenge. This is a very solid card that can win almost any challenge; only Loreen and Irina can defeat her… and even the dreaded succubus could fail if Keera is supporting her nearby.


Good characters might look less powerful than their antagonists, but they are very well balanced and have tactical skills that could suddenly change the course of battle. So do not mistake kindness for weakness… or otherwise you will find yourself defeated by these stubborn defenders of the greater good and justice!

If you like the game you can find it in our webstore. And if you already have your copy, do not forget to review it in Board Game Geek.


The chronicles of Run: Servants of evil

Dear friends,

Last month we announced the release of a new boardgame, The Chronicles of Run. In this blog we published an entry here explaining the rules in detail, but what would be the game without an interesting background of epic fantasy? So we want to introduce you into the history of Run,  and there is no better way than developing the characters that take part in this adventure. Let´s start with the “bad guys” of the movie: Zhoor and his dreaded servants of evil.


A devotee of Zhoor, she created an order of orcs, worshipers of the Lord of Havoc, who dwelled in the Black Lands. They were inculcated with the day of the Return, foretold by the prophet  MÖr, the Cruel in the Age of the Lions.

Mistress of the dark forces of the Cabal, she used her powers to pierce the weak minds of those consumed by yearnings. Taking advantage of the King´s weaknesses, she betrayed him by offering him an army that would never be his. She perfomed a magic ritual with Keynan´s blood, freeing Zhoor and his dark hordes.


Aruh´ka has fate 2 and she is represented by the rune of Treachery. After being revealed, the controlling player can move again the rune to a free adjacent land. This is very useful to deceive your oponnent; you can fake the ocupation of a precious position, and redeploy her on an expendable land. Moreover this card defeats king Keynan (Fate 8) in challenge, making of Aruh´ka one of the most flexible of all characters.




The Ogre from the mountains fo the Crow, a glutton with superhuman strength, he is a henchman in Zhoor´s hordes. Guardian of the Dungeons, he is known for his cruel tortures. Goblins are his favorite victims.

When Jynz blew up his banquet of roast horse, he locked him up and tortured him for a long time. Ever since Jynz slipped away during a momento of carelessness, he has been obsessed with catching and eating him.



Bort has destiny 5 and uses the rune of Pain. This represents perfectly his taste for punishing prisioners without mercy, since his controlling player will  get one extra point of power when Bort wins a challenge. He might not be one the most powerful cards of the game, but he is a correct character to contest the less valuable lands. Why? This ogre is a menace that will force your oponent to spend precious resources in non profitable lands.



A ruthless, irresistible succubus, she inflames men´s thirst  for evil and death. She left the Underworld through the open gate after the blood ritual that unleashed  the fiendish hordes on the Kingdom of Run. Trusted acolyte of the Lord of Havoc, she snatched the legitimate heir of the House of the Lions in revenge for her centuries´long banishment.

At Zhoor´s bidding, she uses her powers of seduction to take over the will of her victims to recruit them to the army of darkness.

The succubus has fate 10 and a special skill called the rune of Lust. Her high value of fate makes of her one of the best cards in the game, but her ability to attract lesser heroes also allows you funny tricks to deceive your adversary. Loreen is a character easy to play, but with a bit of mastery she can deal the winner blow.



A parasitic demon, created from the darkest desires lurking in the bowels of all creatures, he was made to spread havoc through the lands and debase the world. His transmuted form is that of a Dragon from the Underworld. He subdues, controls and destroys everything in his path. After the Return, he wreaked vengeance on the descendants of those who had dared to confine and imprison him in darkness. He took from King Keynan what he loved the most, breaking his spirit, and he took the life of his daughter Thaal. Or so he thought…


Zhoor has fate 11 and uses the rune of Evil. There is little more to say about the most powerful character of Run, whose will only can be thwarted by Thaal, Irine (in very specific conditions)… and Zhoor himself. But this overwhelming power has a price, and it is that you will lose one point of power in the unlikely situation that he is defeated.  There are no excuses for losing with the Lord of Havoc, so please be sure you make good use of him!


We hope you got a better knowledge of these evil characters and the important role they play in the history of Run. Definitively now you will understand better what is their utility in a game, and you can develop your own tactics during the match.

Do not miss the following entries in the blog, where we are going to present the other heroes of this amazing saga.


The Chronicles of Run: Introduction to the game

Dear friends,

Those who follow our newsletter are kept up to date, but we are going to share here the new release of Scale Games. We are talking of “The Cronicles of Run”, a boargame created from the Kickstarter campaign with the same name. It was offered for sale this week and its promotion in stores has begun, so we are going to refresh what is all about and how to play.

“Chaos and Order clash, and the fate of the world of Run hangs in the balance. Each player chooses one side (Chaos or Order) and uses mighty heroes for their own purposes to gain domination.”

This short briefing present us the fantasy world of Run, whose very existance depends on the result of the conflict between the forces that seek its destruction (Chaos) or preservation (Order). We will then get the role of a higher being who will try to manipulate the most powerful characters of this saga to contribute its own interests.

How we do this? Each player has twelve character cards and their corresponding marker runes (black-Chaos and white-Order), all identical to those of the oponent. These rune are used not only for identify and represent our heroes during the game, but for releasing formidable skills that will help them to win.

Each hero has a value of Fate in his/her card. When tow heroes clashes in a challenge, the one with more fate wins. However we will learn that some rune effects my overrule this basic norm.

For example, background tell us that Irina seeks revenge of Thaal after she assasinated king Keinan, who Irina had sworm to protect. To represent this fact, when these two characters fight Irina wins despite having a lesser fate.
Moreover characters have one ot three types of alignment available (Good, neutral or evil), a factor that affects interactions between the heroes deployed in Run.

Another critical aspect of the game is the creation of the world of Run. It is divided in nine lands, each of them represented with an hexagonal tile that has a value of Power an two zones for heroes (attacker or defender). Zones can be very important for certain characters because they are boosted when ocupying the proper location (Jynx and Thenediel); Power work just as victory points that we get when our hero wins a challenge against a rival character, and he/she controls the land for us.

In order to create the world players make turns and place tiles faced down. It is possible to build different shapes that would allow different strategies during the game. Once the nine tiles are deployed, the lands are revealed and the battle begins.

After players determine the initiative (player playing a rune first in the round) the game is played as follows:
1. The player who goes first makes a wager by choosing one of his/her runes and placing it on one of the lands of Run, face down.
No player may place more than one rune on the same land tile.
2. The player who goes second then does the same, placing his/her own rune on that same tile.
3. Rune face-off. The players reveal their runes, turning them face up and showing the character being played.
4. Summoning. The players place the cards of the characters used (i.e., the ones shown on the runes played) face up on the board. These characters may not be summoned again during the game.
5. Effects. The players now use the skills of the characters they have just summoned. The player with the initiative does this first

After the end of the turn, the second player then gets to go and a new round begins. These steps are repeated in each round until all the lands of Run have been occupied with a rune. This ends the game, and players check their scores.

The game starts and the player of Order (going first) chooses (secretly) the rune of “Brotherhood”; she places it on the defender’s side of “Fortress of Cadmium”. Chaos then plays and places “Lust” in “Nebutland Forest” as the Attacker.

The players then turn the runes over and play the character cards, summoning Broin and Loreen. Eva can’t use the “Brotherhood” skill, because there are no other “Good” characters in play. However, Loreen can cast “Lust” against Broin, and so Broin the dwarf is moved to the defender’s side on her land.

A challege is a combat between two characters that occupy the same land. Unless one skills states otherwise, the hero with greater fate wins the challenge. The controlling player of the winner gets as many victory points as the power of the land. If both heroes draw the challenge, the the land is contested and no one gets the points

Players resolve the challenge in every land, one by one, and the player who collected more points of power wins.

Map of Run after the game and resolving the challenges. In this example the Order´s side wins the “Black Lands”, “Gate of Hell”, Iron Dungeon” and “The Crow”, achieving 6 points of power plus one additional because Chaos´s Zhoor was defeated. Chaos controls “Cadmiun Fortress”, “Ruins of Kawanda”, “Nest of Dragons”, Nebutland Forest” and “Verosus Tides”… these sum a total of eight points, so the chaos player wins a very close run! 

What offer us “The Cronicles of Run”? Well, first of all we must say that it is a fast “filler” for two players. “The Chronicles of Run” excells in its playability and strategical challenge.  Despite rules are simple, players must calculate very carefully all their options available.

“The Chronicles of Run” give us not only deep tactics, but a game with beautiful art and components in a world of sword and sorcery. There is little left to improve this new jewel from Scale Games; even its price (PVP 15€) is a great incentive for any game collection, no matter if you are casual gamer or a veteran.

If you want to know more about the game, you can download the rulebook in the blog:

What are you waiting to get your copy?  The destiny of the world of Run is in your hands!

UK GAMES EXPO… and much more!

Dear commanders,

We are back from UK Games Expo, and we found a home base full of activity. Our companions from the factory of Scale 75 are working really hard. That is a titanic quest, but we will fulfil the commitment with our kickstarter backers. Please be patient, you are just too many but your rewards are at hand.


We had a blast in Birmingham… This was our first visit to the fair and we can say only good things about the show. In addition to the new contacts made it was a great oportunity to make new friends. Our visitors had at their disposal a great selection of paints, models, books and games, but it was also the official presentation of the new board game “The Chronicles of Run”.

We were proud of the crew members at booth 1-126… ready for some action!

The new vehicles and Zerobyte were some of the surprises for our Fallen Frontiers fans.

Display of “The Chronicles of Run” boardgame during the show.


But that is only half of the history planned for today, because at this moment the scale games section is not idle at all.  “The Chronicles of Run” is just the first boardgame of some incoming projects, and each day more and more resources are being redirected to make them a reality. Among all of them, there is one “old grudge” that will shake the community very hard. Yes commanders, you will get hot news from the universe Fallen Frontiers very soon.

Meanwhile, we have a debt to pay with the community of players. You asked for them, and here you have:


Despite units do not need cards in 2nd edition, some of our players really missed them. We owe what we are to our clients, so we decided to create new ones that you can print at home. Yes, you might have all the stats in the rulebook already… but these are handy and look awesome on the battlefield!

That all for now folks. You better stay tunned and join our newsletter… you don´t wanna miss the next releases to come.


Painting Guides: Harvester armor

Hello friends,

Today we are going to continue with the Painting Guides, but this is the end of the first set focused in the four factions of Fallen Frontiers.

You must remember that there are tutorials available for Ares  (Ares armor ), Riff (Riff armor) and Sayx (Sayx armor). As could not be otherwise, this time we are going to dedicate our attention to the mysterious Harvesters.

Unfortunately mankind knows little about Harvesters, and those few witnesses who survived contact wish that they never existed. And this is because we are not talking of an alien race, like Riffs or even the operators, but a complex system of assimilation that annihilates and (nigthmarishly) reconstruct anything that lies in its path. Dark and metalllic tones are characteristic of these hordes of tech-slaves, and today we will explain how to paint them.


Apply a base coat of Eclipse Grey (SC-16) on the armor.







Mixing Eclipse Grey (SC-16) with Rainy Grey (SC-60) highlight the volumes of the armor that will shine.







With Flat Black (SC-00) outline in shadow the inside areas and the gaps of the armor.







Apply a second highlight with Rainy Grey (SC-60) and outline the edges in highlight.







Apply a last outlining with Nacar (SC-02) on the edges and areas of maximum reflection of the armor.






With these simple steps we will get an ellegant and synister effects at a time, which is perfect to spread terror among our enemies. Once your task force is ready for battle it will rise all the tension and uncertainty that any Harvester menace must rouse. Then it is time to whisper your adversary, “The End is nigh…

Once more we invite you to visit our online store, where you can get these colors and much more.

Do not forget to join our newsletter and be the first to receive news from Scale 75!


Painting Guides: Sayx armor

Dear friends,

After some time we will return to our Painting Guides articles.

We just started with two other factions: Ares  (tutorial for Ares Armor ) and Riff (tutorial for Riff Armor). Today we continue with probably one of the more popular armies in Fallen Frontiers: Sayx Enterprises.

Sayx citizens are born and grow in capital starships known as “hives”. There other human corporations that do the dirty job for INCRECOM, but Sayx are the most iconic of all. Sayx armed forces are a reflection of their stoical and merciless society. Today we will learn how to recreate a beautiful blue pattern for this bold space troopers.


Apply a base coat with a mixture of Adriatic Blue (SC-15) and with Tesla Blue (SC-52)  on the armor.







Apply a shadow tone mixing Tesla blue (SC-52) and Navy Blue (SC-54).







With a soft wash of Navy Blue (SC-54) the shadows of the armor are accentuated.







Continuing with the same color, outline in shadow the gaps in the armor. In this case it is not necessary that the paint is dilute as in the previous step.







Apply a last outlining with Adriatic Blue (SC-15) mixed with Artic Blue (SC-05) on the edges. If desired it is possible to outline some areas again with Artic Blue (SC-05) only to increase the brightness.





After this process we need to work the other parts of the model, like boots, suit, flesh and weapons. Once your squads are fully painted they will look outstanding in the battlefield. Yeah, you are reading my mind, right? It is time to yell… Come on apes!, you wanna live forever??!!

You will find these colors and much more in our web store.

If you liked this painting guide we invite you to join our Scale 75 newsletter.


Fallen Frontiers: New rides on the way!

Dear commanders,

March is on fire with new releases at Scale 75, and here you have an advance of some new “goddies” for Fallen Frontiers incoming…


A new character joins the ranks of the Riff Empire: Feral Senn, elite sniper and bane of enemy heroes. Armed with a Pash´ka sniper gun, he can eliminate eficiently hidden valuable targets, like heavy weapons or engineer models. “Reckless” grants more command when killing, which is good, and “Infiltration” can become really useful when his position is compromised.
In summary the arrival of Feral offers a new tactical offensive character to this faction. He may not grant auras and buffs to friendly units, but he can cripple enemy forces like a surgeon at ease.


These are really great news for Sayx and Ares commanders… two new support options just arrived: the Phalanx and Raptor.

The Phalanx is a light hover tank available for Condominium forces. It is mobile (fly!), well protected and have a strong structure (6 wounds), so it is perfect to attract enemy fire from your troops. It can be suited to perform an antinfantry or antitank role depending on the weapons selected, but in any case a Phalanx will act as a superb fire platform for your army. However watch out and always avoid enemy assaults…  or otherwise your expensive toy will become useless and vulnerable.

On the opossite Raptors are scout bikes of Sayx Enterprises. This beauty is the fastest unit of the game, and it is the best skirmisher you could ever hire.  Raptors are not very resilient, but they are “Elusive” and can get a “Cloak device” to increase their life expentancy in battle. Each bike is armed with two MR7 submachine guns, a standard weapon for sayx soldiers, so they give you a great versatility when shooting (by firing before moving or while advancing). But the most important point is that Raptors can not be neutralized easily with undesired assaults, like it often happens with other vehicles. If they pass the roll these bikes can fall back, still move 10 UD and shoot at will!

So now these three units got the stunning models they deserve, and they will be available very soon in our web store. Be prepared commander, they are ready to show up and your battles never will be the same.


Road to Adepticon 2019

Hello everybody,

Winter is coming to an end and we welcome the spring season by setting course to one of the most important events of the hobby in the world: the mighty ADEPTICON.

This is the 17th edition of the stunning wargame convention that is celebrated every year in Chicago (USA). Between 27th – 30th March the most renowned companies of the field will attend the show with their new releases. During the fair there will be held many seminars, tournaments and the pretigious painting contest “Crystal Brush”. It is highly recommendable, and if you need more information you can visit the website:


As you can imagine, Scale 75 will be present at Adepticon ( booth 610 ). But this year, besides showing the new paints and models, there are planned some particularly interesting activities.

Master painter and art director at Scale 75, Julio Cabos is a multi-awarded artist that largely influeced the world of miniatures.

Julio will attent the venue, and he will be happy to share his passion and experience for painting. If you have the chance to visit our stand you really should say “hello” and talk with him. It is a great privilege to learn from him while he answers your questions personaly.

Who loves painting and does not know “Banshee”? Yes, Alfonso Giraldes “Banshee” is one of the most mediatic and creative artists in the world of figures, and he will take the oportunity to present his book  “A Colorful Mind”. Adepticon bring us an unique occasion to meet “Banshee” and learn about his outstanding work. The volume, published by Scale 75, has more than 300 pages and includes many details about his career, influences and the artistic process.

Fans of Fallen Frontiers have received the new rules like a breath of fresh air. In Adepticon, no matter if you are a veteran or a rookie, you can discover the secrets of the rulebook accompanied by his game designer, José Méndez. During the convention you can meet us and join the demonstrations scheduled… and don´t forget to catch the new reinforcements too!

An exciting program, right? Now we can just invite you to our booth (610). We will be happy to see you there.


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