Return to Fallen Frontiers




Age of Ignorance (beginning of time -2049)

In the beginning, humans lay the foundation of their beliefs in the absence of a scientific explanation of natural events. After turbulent times in the final years of the Age of Ignorance, the investigations conclude how the matter works and its composition. In 2020, at the end of this age, John P. Krichten discovers the first non-theoretical parallel universe and manages to send a particle through it. The Russian physicist Andrey Olghov develops Kristen’s legacy applying his discoveries and cataloguing the first 7 universes of transit he was able to access with the existing technology.



Pre-era  (2049- 2219)

With planet’s resources dwindling and the whole space to exploit, the governments of the Earth look up to the stars as the only possibility for expansion. But a project of this magnitude can not be financed by just one government as it was done in the past. That’s the reason why in 2049 it’s signed an agreement of private management of space assets with the presentation by different companies of an exploitation plan. The intergalactic Credit Company (INCRECOM) is set up to help the huge investment of the companies involved in the project. The SCOUT program starts as a first stage of colonization reconnaissance of valuable resources in nearby systems. This program is sponsored by the ten companies that will exploit the discovered systems. However, after 25 years of development of the project, 8 of the 10 companies involved are in bankruptcy, so the own credit company will become the holder of the 100% of the assets of the companies. In less than half of a century, the credit company have become the owner of the most powerful colonizing force of the Earth. Only Chelestra industries and Hazsen Military remain independent from INCRECOM’s control.

The first SCOUT phase is completed, choosing eight potential locations with a probability of success higher than 95%. INCRECOM obtains the right to exploit the eight destinations because of its enormous influence, leaving Hazsen Military and Chelestra out of the best sites of colonization, which is a fatal blow for them to avoid bankruptcy.
Desperately Hazsen and Chelestra join forces to form a single project of settlement and avoid bankruptcy. They decide to launch their colony ship to a subsector not included in the initial project, Cythera, in a desperate move to save their finances. What they discover in 2219, the Krythium will be their last hope and a revolution for the human race.

After the arrival on Earth of the first signs of Krythium to the Chelestra-Hazsen laboratories, it is discovered an infinite potential for its application in the propulsion of colonization ships and energy systems. Immediately Chelestra industries, launch the expedition “Freiheit” to exploit this resource, which is its sole owner so far. The trip, that lasts 60 years, aims to deploy a heavy industry for the extraction of this valuable new material.


Krithium-Eikey Era (2219-3800)

Dr. Zackarias Eikey is awarded with the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the Eikey dimensions, parallel spaces that shrink proportionally over the distance that separates them to our dimension. The journey through these dimensions allows travelling long distances in less time without having to improve existing propulsion systems. For this reason, colonizing corporations invest heavily in the Eikey space technology research. Two years after its discovery, the first Eikey door generator is built. A probe is launched through the door and, as expected, returns to our dimension almost instantly but millions of kilometres away from the starting point.



The Battle of Magellan (2279-2281)

When the Hazsen-Chelestra expedition “Freiheit” arrives to Magellan find the remains of a ship from Vega Energy Systems (INCRECOM) with Eikey technology, with fewer than 4,000 survivors and without vital support to survive much longer. This ship, the Octopus, was not authorized to colonize or exploit this sector and apparently his mission was to exploit Krithium without permission and ambush the “Freiheit” to use the machinery it was carrying. But it was not prepared for the enemy that found there. Two of the system planets were monitored by a race of humanoids calling themselves operators. The operators had engaged into combat with the Octopus and had easily surpassed the Vega Energy Systems contingent who was forced to abandon his ship and take refuge in one of the system planets. The crew of the “Freiheit”, not without fear, decides to help their peers and take sides in the battle against the operators. Although vastly outnumbered, operators kept the battle in a draw for a whole year, thanks to their physical and technological superiority. The full participation of Hazsen-Chelestra elite troops tip the balance in favour of the coalition but the victory is hard. The survivors of the INCRECOM subsidiary company and three captured operators are sent to Earth. A process is opened to explain INCRECOM’s unauthorized presence there. Although the situation is at the courts the tension between the companies reach an irreversible stage. The colony ships receive orders to shoot all ships in their sectors whose presence has not been authorized.

The Slaugter of Kellion Prime (2283-2284)

The ship ‘Skyways’ of Sayx Industries, one of the eight companies belonging to INCRECOM and assigned to subsector Dirac, docked in the system’s central planet, Kellion Prime. Then, they discover that this planet is inhabited by an alien race already settled coming from a world in another galaxy known as ‘Chook Muul’. The biologist leader of the expedition, Dr. Markus Riefenstahl, classifies them as Homo Sapiens Riefenstahlensis or Riffs, in colloquial terms. Despite its notable external differences with human body the Riff’s organism functioning is almost equal to human. Many years from Earth, with no place to settle and almost depleted reserves, going down to the planet is the only chance of survival for the settlers of the Skyways. Riffs agrees to accept the humans on the planet but refuse to send the resources extracted there, including Krithium, to Earth. Without the possibility of obtaining materials the mission is a failure and INCRECOM begins to suffer an economic crisis. It has lost contact with two of its colonization missions and the rest have not arrived yet or have not given the expected results. Without any source of Krithium the almighty INCRECOM is losing the economic war against its competitors. When the situation becomes untenable, the INCRECOM board of directors makes a decision: the Kellion system must be conquered at all costs, the Krithium must arrive to the Earth. Running out until the last resources, the company prepares a fleet in Ultima Secundus to jump with the Eikey technology to get to Dirac in a few months. In just one year, after a surprise attack to the Riffs, who had lived in peace with humans, the fleet sent by INCRECOM takes control of the system by the force. Only a hundred Riffs escaped the slaughter. Hazsen Military make a motion to consider the act as a universal genocide. However the legal action is slow and difficult because they are aliens and the process is diluted in endless ethical discussions and interstellar laws. By the time a decision is taken, the Krithium has been years flowing from Kellion Prime and INCRECOM have the governments of the Earth under control again.

The discovery of a God (2286-2290)

On Earth the study of the operators captured in Magellan begins. It concludes that they are a race created exclusively for war. His locomotive and cognitive system is well above the average human. They are tanks on the battlefield. Their current name, Ares, is due to the Xenobiology assistant Mishan Klich who named them after the God of War. The genetic studies discover in their genes that enhance their brain capabilities. Artificial implementations of these genes in non-boosted humans begin. By this time it is unknown why, or rather, by whom they were created.

The Times of Calm (2550-3800)

For more than a millennium 600 new planets are colonized, which are owned by corporations that discovered them. Each one sets the administration, legislation and other public services in the colonies of their property. The Earth is just another planet except, unlike the rest of the known universe, has no single owner.



Age of Unrest (3800- 3900)

The Riffs Revenge (3813-3815)

In 3813, a huge Riff fleet enters the Kellion system. The defences installed by Sayx Industries are overcome in all aspects and in a few days the fight spread out to the streets. After several years of bloody fighting, the Riff begin to gain control of Kellion. They prove to be formidable fighters in guerrilla warfare and experts on the ground, hitting accurately and generating substantial human and economic losses to Sayx but maintaining the planets intact for the sake of subsequent recolonization. The Riff strategy, however, is slow. Meanwhile on Earth, INCRECOM seeks help from Hazsen and Chelestra to help Sayx but these, fearing reprisals and somewhat pleased to see INCRECOM reaping what they sow, deny their help. Unable to cope with guarantees the Riff threat, INCRECOM orders the Sayx Corp to leave the central planet, Kellion Prime, and three adjacent systems very rich in resources. The first space frontier with the Riff Empire is established.

In late 3819, at the annual Intergalactic Council, there’s an attack that is settled with the lives of two board members and the president of the Black Sun INC. This causes great instability in all the colonies resulting in the declaration of independence of the worlds managed by Black Sun from INCRECOM’s control. The settlement suffered a dramatic slowdown. Corporations, after what happened in Kellion and slightly less than in Civil War, focus on investment in weapons production.

Ares Wars of Independence (3819-3889)

The Sayx Corp, at their military base Kusari in Nobunaga II system, contacts a scout Ares ship. Ready for immediate hostility, they discover that the intentions are not hostile. One of the Ares commanders reveals the captain of the Sayx fleet that they were exploring possible places to establish strategic bases, as they were engaged in a war against their creators, the ‘leaders’. In 3889 already concludes the war of emancipation of the Ares and six years later the government of the Earth recognizes the rights of the Ares race and accepts its representation in the intergalactic council. As a full rights civilization it’s recognized their sovereign space around the renamed Ares system in the subsector Dirac. This recognition is controversial because Hextrom VI, one of the richest Krithium mines known, happens to be inside Ares space after the signing. This planet originally controlled by the Sayx was the focal point in the negotiations of peace between the Sayx and the Riff Empire. Despite the Riff Empire’s against vote, the voting goes ahead with the vote in favour of INCRECOM.



The arrival of “the others” (3900-currently)

In 3900, an unknown fleet shows up in the solar system, apparently using a similar technology as the Eikey leaps. The ships do not respond to any transmission and launch a devastating attack on Earth. Despite the many defences of the planet, the 24th of March fifteen ships get through the perimeter and attack vital points on the Earth, focusing in government buildings and interplanetary communications system.

The invading troops, half machine half living beings, attack with a relentless determination, as if they were pursuing a goal that no one comes to understand. After nine days of fierce fighting, the invasion is stopped. Military analysts realize that it is not an invasion. There is no logistics for occupation or any intent to control the planet. A few days later it is discovered that the attack has generated irreversible damage to quantum communication systems that allowed instant communication with the colonies, so it is impossible for the companies ruling their worlds from the Earth. There is no way to alert the other planets about what happened; indeed, probably it is impossible to avoid the conflict between them that has been brewing for centuries. From this moment, the Earth is an isolated planet in the galactic sea. No voice. No influence. Was this the master plan of the mysterious machines?

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