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In the universe of Fallen Frontiers different factions fight for control over planets and their strategic resources in order to expand in a galaxy that holds lots of secrets. The players take control of a faction that can be shaped by choosing troops, characters and cards that best adapt to their game style.



This civilization of aliens designed to look like super-humans is divided into two factions: The “Operators” who serve unidentified masters and the ”

Ares Condominium” who have been released from the control the masters held over them. The Ares Condominium are creatures with a strong sense of individuality probably generated by their former life as slaves. They have fought hard for their independence, survived a civil war to get where they are, and nothing in the universe will take their freedom.


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The Riffs are an ancient race, much older than humans. They expanded in a nearby galaxy and quickly learned the horrors of excessive ambition. They saw their own civilization rise, evolve and fall. Some of them left and traveled the universe to peacefully settle down in our own galaxy, however only death and betrayal was awaiting most of them… Now a new set of Riffs has arrived, but their goal is very different. Vengeance.


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In the new order of the galaxy, you are most probably a human who lives on the hive ships of Sayx Enterprises, where there is limited space and there are no families, with reproduction following the interests of the company. After applying Ares genetics for the betterment of the race people are selected by their potential skills from birth, and if you are lucky you may serve in the Sayx army where death is a reward all its own.


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The Harvesters are still a mystery. They attacked Earth without warning and destroyed all communication with Earth colonies. We do not understand their behavior, it appeared to us they were collecting living things and assimilating them into their ranks. However we were wrong. When they attacked the Earth their goal was not to harvest humans but to simply destroy key targets. It is clear that there is a plan behind their actions, but we are far from knowing who or what it is.


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Themistocles defended Greece in Marathon during the first Persian invasion and ended his life in the service of the Persian king Artaxerxes I. A warriors life does not always end where it started and those who were your brothers may end up being your enemy. Forsaken, abandoned, or simply looking for a more lucrative life, Mercenaries are always a strange presence in any army. However uncomfortable it may be to have an ally that fight for money, it is always better than to have him as an enemy.












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Ares Hyperion and Phalanx

Ares Condominium

“They possessed quite an elaborate heart, their bodies being much larger and stronger than the average man. Their internal organs generated essential nutrients that made them tireless, increasing their lung capacity. They were like the gods of war on the battlefield …And so we called them Ares.” When humans began interstellar travel, more than a …

Riffs Vengeance

Riff Empire

The orders were clear: Conquer the sector at all costs… They offered resistance and were slaughtered. The crew members of the Skyways considered that they were “non-belligerent” and kind. As you can see, they could not be more mistaken”. Retrial of the slaughter of Kellion Prime. Talking about the history of Homo Sapiens Riefensthalensis or …

Sayx Domination

Sayx Enterprises

“The Sayx are considered human because we have no better word to define them. They played so much with genetics and military programming, that in my opinion we should find another way to address them.” Dr. Cornelius Van Jander, Chief Engineer of Applied Genetics If the new order of the galaxy, you’re a human being …

Harvesters Annihilation

The Harvesters

“ … And then there was a sharp squeaking noise coming from the sandy ground of the planet, we were attacked completely off guard. – Nobody else other than you managed to survive? – Captain… We too have not survived.” Last communication from Wallenstein Spaceship When the Ares liberation had finished, the newly created Condominium …

Ilustration The Damned

The Damned

“- What should we do sir? Should we let her go? – We are sure that she is not one of them, right? – Yes sir, but I also cannot tell you that she is one of us.”   Kyra “Operator 551” When an Operator first recovers his consciousness it usually takes a few days …

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