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Riff Empire

The orders were clear: Conquer the sector at all costs… They offered resistance and were slaughtered. The crew members of the Skyways considered that they were “non-belligerent” and kind. As you can see, they could not be more mistaken”.

Retrial of the slaughter of Kellion Prime.

Talking about the history of Homo Sapiens Riefensthalensis or Riff, in colloquial terms, is talking about a story with countless experiences in the hostile outer space. The first record of communication with this race takes place in the year 2283 when Syax Enterprises contacted on the planet Kellion Prime (“Chook Mul” in the Riff language) as part of the missions launched from Earth to colonize the stars. They found a peaceful society, willing to learn about the foreign race, and eager to reveal their history to avoid losing it in the vastness of space and to help others avoid making the same mistakes.


Subjects of the Blue Sun

According to the elderly Riff, even before the beginning of time for humans, the Riffs had mastered interstellar travel, the Eikey technology and exercised a brutal control over the inhabitants of the worlds discovered in their path. Nothing could compare the power of “Tumuk suun cha”, in language Riff, “Empire of the Blue Sun”. In those dark times the Riff completely dominated their entire home galaxy, “Maak Your ‘Nauftu” in language Riff “the mother of all.” They underwent their will to all races, serving in slavery; dying when they could no longer serve. So long was their dominance over the planet that the race suffered physiological and physiognomic changes to adapt to their environment. His muscles grew to deal with the extreme gravity of planets; their cognitive and physical abilities quickly adapted to the star that lit each planet. Apart from being a despotic, military and ruthless race, they had a capacity of adaptation to the environment and to external conditions that made them unstoppable for the planets who sought to remain free. Nothing could resist to “Tumuk Suun Cha”.

But those days of conquest and domination came to an end. Opulence, tyranny, constant wars, and massive energy production from the system’s planets collapsed the system of government, which they never recovered. Leaving worlds and a culture in decline, they headed to different galaxies with systems enough prosperous to colonize and amend past mistakes. So, they arrived to our galaxy, and to other places of the stars that are still undiscovered.

The Riffs learned from their failures and organized in a society without strata. All will have a role in the Riff’s new dawn, whether they were rulers legacy or workers. All of them would be equal and would treat other races as equals. There would be no cause, never again, were a Riff found obliged to use violence. And so when “Skyways” asked the Riffs for help in Kellion Prime both civilizations could live in peace.

But the greed of the young human race complicated things once again.


The slaughter of Kellion Prime

Sayx Enterprises operatives in a thorough operation led by the high command of INCRECOM raided their hosts Riff in Kellion Prime, perpetrating an unprecedented genocide. It was a slaughter, where barely several hundred Riffs managed to survive.

When Fink Draad managed to bring the message from “Chook Mul”, almost 1000 years later, shock, anger and astonishment shake up the aged Riff society. In outer space there were other “Malak Mut Tut”; there were other “that transform life into death.”

Although a part of society refused to re-embrace weapons, the Riffs decided to take their equal society model to the scope of the war: in the expedition to the Milky Way, all Riffs would be soldiers, regardless of their condition. The Riffs would be again the “Malak Tut Mut”.

In the year 3813 of the human calendar, a huge Riff fleet entered the Kellion Prime system with approaching vectors to “Chook Mul”, its central planet. After crossing the system’s defences with ease, the Riff troops descended to the surface to take the planet without further harm. On land, they proved to be a worthy rival of their great name, shaped by millennia of war. They showed their legendary adaptation, adapting their way of fighting and technology to the one of the impulsive humans. There was no hour, minute and second of the day in which Sayx could fight back effectively, or take advantage of any gaps between the defensive lines. Strategic, accurate and highly effective strikes made the Sayx troops to run away, forced to return to the “Mut Malak Tut” what belongs to them and to sign an armistice. Displaying their great sense of honour, the Riffs released the prisoners and the wounded after the withdrawal.

Recovered “Chook Mul” it was the time to recover from the wounds, rebuild what was this great place was before and rebuild their prosperous civilization. However, the war has awakened inside the Riff an old thought: the memory of “Tumuk Cha Suun”.






fink dradd

Fink Dradd

Fink Dradd is one of the few survivors of the slaughter on Hellion Prime committed by the Sayx Corporation. He escaped the battle with serious injuries and put himself in hibernation on a ship to reach his home galaxy and spread the news of what happened.

During the re-conquest of the Hellion system he showed that his tactical skills were matched only by his thirst for revenge.

Now he is in charge of ground operations of all Riff contingents in our sector. Revenge continues and Fink is its instrument.






sihlas fenn

Sihlas Fenn

Sgt. Sihlas Fenn is a well respected and renowned noncommissioned officer in the Riff military. Upon the arrival of the survivors from Chook Mul, Sihlas was tasked with the duty of discovering the events that took place and how the survivors escaped the genocide, more specifically one survivor, Fink Dradd. Sgt. Sihlas Fenn tested Fink’s combat abilities and found him to be worthy and requested Fink be assigned to his Riff Berserker unit for the retaking of Chook Mul.

During the campaign for Chook Mul, Sihlas’s unit gained the reputation of being the most influential and brutal unit of the entire army, his name inspired both fear and respect. After the retaking of the planet Sihlas requested Fink join the expedition fleet to Hextrom IV. Together they were needed there more than anywhere.






feral senn

Feral Senn

“Monster”. This is the word that Feral repeats in his head most often. A monstrosity for the Riff race, an unholy hybrid with the humans, and even worst stll, a Sayx halfblood. For humans he is not much better, a guinea pig that confirms that Riff genes can be added to the genome of the inhabitants of earth. Another experimentof dubious morality perpetrated by the Sayx corporation.

Feral and his race have lived away from everything for many years, shunned by all as something that should never happen. He has lived as a monster, he was treated like a monster, and so he became a monster.








Krull Baal

Within the Riff invasion fleet in the Milky Way there were voices dissenting with the objective of the mission. One of them would have been Krull Baal´s, if he ever spoke a word. Revenge never brought anything good and this is something the Riff had suffered in their own flesh long ago. We would never learn, Krull was convinced of it. We invent new words with which we distract, confuse and break our promises. The voice is the instrument of deception, the only sound coming out of me will be bullets abandoning my gun. Capsules of sincerity at 950 m/s.









Draxx Vatar

It is rare that a Riff berserker arrives very high in the military ladder and much less that he becomes a fleet commander. Their incredible physical abilities and their exceptional combat skills make this race to be oriented from the early days of the military academy to proximity assault units. However Drax Vatar always stood out for his ingenuity and strategy skills. Underestimated at first because of his crude appearance, all his rivals discover, always too late, that the force was not the most dangerous characteristic of Draxx.







The Riff have regular troops that excel in close combat, but they tend to have weak armor. Standard troops have a standard leadership, but Riff armies count with hardened veterans that do not envy even the mightly Ares. Riff heroes are balanced, they can support with direct fire but also excel fighting in close combat as well.

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