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Sayx Enterprises

“The Sayx are considered human because we have no better word to define them. They played so much with genetics and military programming, that in my opinion we should find another way to address them.”

Dr. Cornelius Van Jander, Chief Engineer of Applied Genetics

If the new order of the galaxy, you’re a human being living in a huge hive; overcrowded in compartments with minimally enough space for a mattress and a small work table; working in Krythium mega factories during two shifts without a break, only receiving a minimum wage in case you make a third shift; without many expectations that your life changes from the day you were born until the day you die, it means you’re a “rat” of the Sayx Enterprises.

In the hive ships of Sayx Enterprises there are no families but breeding follows a detailed plan. With the practical application of the Ares genes for empowerment, subjects are selected for their skills in their birth date: some, the lucky ones, will serve their life in the Sayx army; the vast majority will serve in the planetary mega factories.

Factory workers live in crammed conditions; some die of exhaustion without anyone to remember them; and if it has been a very productive time, thousands of them are expelled from the ship and stranded: it’s necessary to make room for the new merchandise.

Founded at the dawn of intergalactic projects in 2068, the Sayx was intended to cover the settlement of certain systems that were chosen as optimal for exploitation by the SCOUT program. Unlike other companies, Sayx gave more importance to the military strength in their ships, and devised a kind of hive ships that would serve for longer stays in colonized planets and, if necessary, to recruit new soldiers from those. All these plans were funded by the newly created INCRECOM.

When INCRECOM took control of the eight corporations with economic issues involved in the colonization project, Sayx was one of them. After the acquisition, most research managers, engineers and ultimately almost all Sayx staff who dreamed of an ideal future in the stars were replaced by new pragmatic and ruthless staff only interested on making the huge company grow as well as them, whether it was ethically and legally permissible. INCRECOM was a giant that brought together eight of the 20 largest corporations on earth and Sayx would be the sword with which to knock down whoever got in its way.

Parallel to the recognized trips, as the one to sector Serpens Caput, there were a series of unauthorized by the government of Earth trips to systems less likely to be successful and more likely to be a death sentence for the settlers. But human lives that can be wasted are only a financial risk in pursuit of making grow the profit for INCRECOM.

After the hard blow suffered in Magellan, crushed by the newfound operators and rescued by its great economic rival, the Hazsen Coalition, INCRECOM feels humiliated. The board of INCRECOM downplays the skills of operators and blames the troops of Black Sin INC for their weakness, and decided that their corporations need a more trained and capable military arm. From that moment, the hive Sayx ships work training their troops fanatically day and night.





In 2282, the ship “Skyways” reaches the Kellion system, in the Serpens Caput region, and contacts with a race from an unknown galaxy. These new neighbours, known as the ‘Riffs’, established peaceful and cooperative relationships with the inhabitants of the Skyways who were in a predicament because they had consumed the 90% of the ship’s life support reserves. However, the mission had been a failure for the directive board on Earth, and INCRECOM felt like he had lost an entire colony ship without having achieved any Krithium source. It was decided to exploit the situation to test its new military power, and gave the order to exterminate the inhabitants of the system and seize the mines without further notice.

The newly trained Sayx troops implemented their new knowledge and, in what became known as “The slaughter of Kellion Prime” began the extermination of all the Riffs that inhabited the system. Very few survived. In just a few months, the Sayx took control of the subsector and especially Hextrom VI, a planet with the most exploitable Krythium reserves in the galaxy. INCRECOM watched proudly the successes that offered, and could offer, with its new training policy.

It was therefore not surprising that, once discovered by Professor Wikhly the compatibility of the Ares genes with the human genome, the Sayx banned standard breeding and imposed a reproductive system based on the identification of potentially skilled individuals at the time of birth, and the implementation of Ares genes in the most competent, to enhance their skills. Unlike in conventional armies at Sayx no captains, commanders, ordinary soldiers or elite soldiers are made: at Sayx they have born this way.

After more than a millennium peace, they were intercepted in the year 3813 some unknown transmissions. It was the first sign of what would be a counterattack of countless Riff ships and infantry over the Beta Serpentis system. After two years of bloody war against the Riff, Sayx Enterprises is forced out of the Kellion system and cede the exploitation of the Krythium mines at subsector Dirac in exchange for the armistice. In the following six months, 40 billion people are evacuated outside Kellion headed to the worlds and hive ships already overcrowded of Sayx.

After the defeat, the directive board of INCRECOM asked the Earth’s central government to support a counterattack. Far from hearing the demands of the company, the council gives legitimacy to the Riff occupation of the system, because they were more afraid of serious consequences than in doing historical justice.

In 3825 a ranger ship led by Commander Valery Volkov meets an unknown ship similar to his in the vicinity of the Nobunaga II system. The Sayx commander, aware of the uncertain outcome if a clash occurs, kept at a distance while trying to buy time for the arrival of reinforcements from the Kusari station. The unknown ship was being piloted by ‘operators’; however, the attitude of these did not seem at all comparable to what the Sayx troops had found in Magellan. These operators claimed to belong to the Ares Condominium and their mission was to look for systems with strategic resources and establish a system of worlds to sustain what looked like an independence war.

Diffident relations between Ares Condominium and Sayx are established. INCRECOM sees an opportunity in the Ares Condominium and sends Sayx troops to help the Condominium in their struggle for emancipation.

After the arrival of the Condominium to the intergalactic council, INCRECOM hopes that that given help will be returned allowing the exploitation of Krithium in Hextrom, however when all seemed ready for the transfer of powers to the condominium by the board, the communications with the Earth’s Central Government disappear mysteriously in 3900. The admiral of the Sayx fleet at the subsector Dirac, Arcturus Cunningham, received the last transmission on record from the Earth warning him of the presence of an unknown fleet in the solar system. When communication is lost he spreads the rumour that the loss of communications is due to Riff’s technology to prevent Ares Condominium Ares to receive the recognition of sovereignty over Hextrom. The Condominium sends a small fleet to Hextrom to take control of the mines. Cunningham gathers its fleet, containing three hive ships, “Universe”, “Sculptor” and “Andromeda” and waits in the neighbouring Psi Serpentis system the development of the conflict and strikes a decisive blow to the surviving because if his suspicions are true, no one ever will know.









dianne tianseen

Dianne Tianseen

The rank of lieutenant sixth grade is not something that is handed out easily in the Sayx Corporation.

It requires many skills, no scruples and a little luck to achieve it. Of course being a senior commander of the fleet you make a lot of enemies, but with the proper strategy many of them end up losing their lives on the field of battle. Heroes for the corporation, an inspiration for the troops, and also one less problem for his superiors.

With 5 campaigns on her shoulder, Dianne has seen many conflicts and has managed to emerbe victorious from all of them. Ares, Riffs, Humans and even the sheep-like herds of Harvesters end up succumbing to a well-trained army. With the right equipement the enemies makes no difference, the only difference is the fluid spilled when they are shot.






tarko stahlen

Tarko Stahlen

Although Tarko is a citizen of Earth he has only spent a few days on the planet. Like most of the crew of the Octopuss, Tarko was born in space and was trained from childhood to serve the Sayx army. Sayx has been in the spotlight of the Earth Council on several occasions, and only through its membership with INCRECOM has managed to avoid scandal, for its legally questionable actions.

For Tarko, the Sayx policies might not be the greatest, but its army definitely is, at least as long as he is part of it.







bianca carlsson

Bianca Carlsson

In Sayx society, where each individual comes into the world pre-programmed for a specific task, it is unusual for a citizen to leave the easy road and try to get through the effort of learning about a field that is not his. That is the case of Bianca Carlson.

Bianca had always been small for her age, skinny and slim, virtues that are not usually good for a soldier. Life at the academy was quite difficult and even though she managed to endure the training just like her more rugged companions, soon she had to start using her ingenuity to pass tests than other members of the academy performed merely with physical strength. The tricks and ingenuity applied by Bianca allowed her to finish her training as a Sayx soldier, but were not enough to pass the final test which exceeded her physical abilities.

Defeated and angry Bianca left the facility where she had conducted the entrance test for the Sayx troops, when she heard the sound of someone approaching her clapping. It was Tarko, who had been taking care of her since she was 16 years old when her father died.

“Why are you clapping uncle Tarko? I have failed…”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that…” Tarko reached out, giving Bianca a brown folder with a stamp reading “Confidential” in red on the cover.

“Nightstalker Infiltration Corps? What is this?” Bianca asked.

“Sounds like the kind of work that someone with your training skills could do, dont you think?”


jason ramires

Jason Ramires

Jason is a very special case. Although he is just an artillery sergeant his words are taken into much consideration by his superiors on the battlefield, something uncommon in the Sayx army.

In several missions in which the plan was ruined within minutes of entering combat, Jason managed to keep his team alive showing great talent and a great ability to improvise. No wonder he ended up getting the nickname Jason “Plan B” Ramires.








dex voguel


Dexx Voguel

Dexx had a brilliant career on earth as an executive at Increcom. However his extravagance and taste, that were not always legal, put him in numerous problems with the law. His money and influence as a member of Increcom saved him from jail on more than one occasion but everything has a limit.

Fed up with his multiple scandals the directors of the company decided to get rid of him by sending Dexx away from Earth as an officer in the Sayx Military. Commanding elite forces of the company, Dexx could unleash his sadism and simultaneously generate benefits for Sayx, and therefore Increcom.







dex voguel

Axl Verner

Axl, like everyone in the Sayx, was discovered by the test for newborns as a potential sniper.

His grades during instruction caught the attention of his superior, Dex Vogel, who started using him for personal “Assignments”. For years Axl did dirty work for Dex eliminating enemy targets and some other Sayx officers that conflicted with Dex.

Being the weapon of a corrupt generates many enemies, but his survival instinct and his ability to disappear from conflict have kept him alive until now.








The Sayx have regular troops which come with a variety of equipment options. They have great leadership, meaning that they can play a lot of cards each turn. Sayx heroes focus on deck and initiative control, and on using krithium as efficiently as possible.

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