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The Damned

“- What should we do sir? Should we let her go?

– We are sure that she is not one of them, right?

– Yes sir, but I also cannot tell you that she is one of us.”



Kyra “Operator 551”

When an Operator first recovers his consciousness it usually takes a few days for him to recover from the process. During this period being able to make their own choices is something that terrifies the recovering subjects, and it generates a crisis from which some recover sooner than later.

When Kyra was released the Ares thought that the process had failed because she was rebelling at all times as if she had remained an Operator. She was kept in isolation for 10 days, during which she showed a brutal resistance even without a reason. Eventually when her brain was scanned to see if she was still subconsciously receiving orders, the Ares came to the realization that her behavior was her own, and fee of outside control.

Never seeing her integration into the Ares army as a liberation, for her it was nothing but a change in the color of her armor. When the independence wars ended, Kyra decided to enjoy true freedom. The freedom to wear the uniform of the enemy if necessary.





Val´n Dorr

Val’n Dorr grew up in a troubled colony. As the daughter of diplomats she learned from a young age that an open mind that can adapt to the situation is more likely to survive than unwavering loyalty. Her father sent her to study at an Ares military academy, where she learned to use weapons.

No one better than her knew that diplomacy has its limits.








Val´n Dorr


A Sayx assault soldier. His assimilation process by the harvesters was interrupted during an attack on the necrofactory where he was being held. Half human, half machine, all his memories were lost in the transformation, anything before Zerobyte doesn’t matter anymore.









Lee Jenkins

Lee Jenkins

– Well Lee, I made the changes you asked on the machine.

– Perfect.

– Don’t you think that removing an auto-cannon will subtract a lot of firepower?

– I assure you that when you have a Riff Berserker on top of you, you are not too worried about firepower.

– A Berserker? Nobody ever asked me for anything to combat them.

– That’s because nobody ever survived to do it…






The Damned is a collection of mercenary heroes that offer their “services” to multiple armies. Each one of these heroes can be used in several armies, expanding your strategic possibilities further.

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