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The Battle for Hextrom VI

After global communications failure the Ares and Riff forces are at the Hextrom VI planet with the same orders, take the Krithium mines at all costs.

Battles occur around the main industrial centers of the planet. Both sides suffer heavy casualties but the balance does not end up tipping to none. However the Riff command has developed a plan that can turn the tide. In the industrial complex of Tarkaard there are factories of Sayx weapons and equipment that were never dismantled when they were forced to leave the planet. If they could control those factories the tide of battle could be decided by the Riff side. The Tarkaard industrial complex is inside Ares occupied area although it seems that they still don’t know what these factories hide. A direct assault could draw attention and could end up destroying the facilities so the Riff command has decided to send two of their best men to lead a small assault force to secure the industrial complex.

Will the Riffs be able to perform their plan or will the Ares realize that they have the key to control the planet in their own territory? Let’s find out!



The battle for Hextrom VI presents a initiation skirmish to get you familiarized with the Fallen Frontiers game system where the Riff must eliminate the Ares resistance to capture an important strategic point. From here you can extend your armies and play games with a greater number of miniatures.



The goal of the scenario is to eliminate the enemy teams to control the area. However the extraction of krithium is also important, because only a good supply of this resource will allow the use of equipment and key skills during the whole battle.

The game consists of 5 rounds, but may end earlier if one side is completely eliminated. If both players have miniatures on the board at the end of the fifth round, then the player with more victory points wins.


– 25 35mm Miniatures (10 Ares miniatures and 15 Riffs miniatures)
– Scenery parts (1 Container, 3 Craters and 6 Krithium sources)
– 63 Cards
– 60 Markers
– 1 Rulebook
– 6 Dice
– 1 Measuring tape

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