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The Smog Riders – Dimensions of Madness


The Smog Riders – Dimensions of Madness is a game for two to four players, in which each player controls a group of unique characters competing against each other for the control of steam technology and the occult secrets of the Stygian Dimension.

During the game, each player’s characters are pitted against the characters of each of the other players and against the dangers lurking in the dark and mysterious Stygian Dimension. Successfully completing each mission, finding powerful artifacts, and eliminating rivals will earn each player points to gain victory over the others. During play, the characters will have to stay in a state of readiness, adapt, and use the changing environment to overcome their enemies. Only those who put the environment to proper use will become real Smog Riders!


About The Smog Riders – DoM

  How to play Smog Riders?   The first step in starting a game is to make up the teams. Up to 4 different teams can be formed. Each game always has two sides, the attackers and the de- fender. The attackers will always be members of the same faction or side (either the Commonsteam …

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The Abyssal Empire

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Commonsteam Alliance Logo

The Commonsteam Alliance

  With the steam revolution a new era began to developed before humanity. This new source of energy was capable of feeding the most daring contraptions that the human being could conceive. You just had to design it and the steam would run its metal veins to make it work. In a short time the …

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