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How to play Smog Riders?


The first step in starting a game is to make up the teams. Up to 4 different teams can be formed. Each game always has two sides, the attackers and the de- fender. The attackers will always be members of the same faction or side (either the Commonsteam Alliance or the Abyssal Empire), and the defender will be the other side. For two players, one player will be the attacker and the other the defender, but for 3 or 4 players, one player will be the defender and the rest will be the attackers.

Each team of attackers always consists of 3 characters, but all the characters on his side will be available to the defender throughout play. Each of the characters in The Smog Riders – Dimensions of Madness is unique, with its own different attributes and special abilities. Players should take this into consideration when choosing their characters. Character cards have two profiles depending on whether the character is played as an Attacker or a Defender.


The Smog Riders – Dimensions of Madness is played on a game board consisting of various tiles arranged together according to the scenario map. These tiles represent the factories of each of the sides and also the dark corridors of the Stygian Dimension. Each tile is divided into various equal squares. A square may be occupied by only one character. The scenarios represent different missions that will have to be performed by the Smog Riders in their struggle to master the power of steam. Each scenario description contains several sections on setting up the game board.

You can play all missions choosing the board that represents Commonsteam headquarters or the Abyssal Empire’s Lair, depending on who will be playing the attacking side and who the defending side.



The Smog Riders is not just a board game with figures like the hundreds there are in the market. The Smog Riders is a universe, it is a story, it is a continuity, it is a philosophy. We pretend that any user who gets a game for the first time becomes an authentic Smog Rider.

The gamer, once turned into a Smog Rider, will be able to walk through time, get expansions of its figures in individual packs in high quality resin, to assemble and paint. Blisters of three figures to expand their factions. Accessories such as doors, turrets, gameboard elements, minions, etc.

Sets of specific paints for the game, individual paints, brushes, primers, tools, step-by-step paint books, etc. All this to be able to customize their figures and apply more quality to the game.

Of course, not just the steam punk era is the only one that the Smog Rider will be able to enjoy, there are different expansions planned for different ages of history: Egyptians, WWII, Medieval, Romans, Troglodytes, etc.

Everything under the same game system and through the Stygian dimension, it will be easy to jump from one era to another changing scenarios, figures and missions. The game’s depth and the dimension of madness are infinite.

For all this, we believe that The Smog Riders – Dimensions of Madness is the definitive miniature board game to spend endless hours of fun and entertainment.

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