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The Abyssal Empire



The ocean is the sewer of the Earth. The hidden face of the advances of a society in constant progress that dominates the medium and looks to and from the sky with infinity of ideas powered by the steam. The steam, able to raise society to limits never imagined and, in turn, to condemn thousands of creatures to a life of constant struggle for survival. People who do not see themselves, who do not appear in the newspapers but who have been living under water since long before the first mammal walked on dry land. Until everything changed.

Educated in the best surface centers, Adam E. Morsiarty, stood out for his academic brilliance and obtained a professorship at the University of Vernesburg where he devoted himself to research on the impact of steam on marine habitats. However, when he published his thesis two years later, the scientific community discredited his work calling him an alarmist, disproportionate and anti – progressive. Morsiarty dropped out of college and traveled to London where his trail disappeared completely.

Few years later one organization calling itself The Abyssal Empire began to attack the Commonsteam Alliance in different parts of the world. At the head of this movement, Dr. Morsiarty claimed the mistreatment of the underwater inhabitants, but never demanded anything in return for ceasing their activity.

The decision was taken from the beginning. Morsiarty and his assistants know that they will never achieve victory through dialogue. Steam is too valuable for nations to give up. If marine inhabitants must pay the price of progress of the surface society, they will also pay their part … with blood.

The Abyssal Empire, contrary to what was initially thought, is not a band of criminals, beggars and freaks rejected by society. It could be at some point but now they are organized and have their own factories and cities. They even have nations related to their cause. And more important, they have a firm purpose: to end the Commonsteam. For this they will not hesitate to use violence, the hidden arts and even the hated steam.

As long as the vapor continues to form mist, The Abyssal Empire will stalk behind it.


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