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The Commonsteam Alliance


With the steam revolution a new era began to developed before humanity. This new source of energy was capable of feeding the most daring contraptions that the human being could conceive. You just had to design it and the steam would run its metal veins to make it work. In a short time the demand for this new technology grew exponentially and the engineers could not satisfy demand. With the idea of making the precious new resource of steam energy available to all humanity the Commonsteam Alliance emerged. A project founded by nations around the world for the sole purpose of propagating steam technology and making it accessible to all. Large steam engines in gigantic factories created new steam machines for various uses. Technology evolved to develop newer technologies.

Some say that the Commonsteam Alliance far from being a philanthropic government project was born out of the need to appease a huge working class society that was fed up with the enormous social inequalities brought by the steam revolution. It would not be fair to say that steam was the opium of the people but undoubtedly it greatly helped in flooding the East End of London with narcotics. In any case, the advances made by humanity were remarkable and achievements previously thought impossible became reality in a few years.

Behind each advancement it was the Commonsteam providing the technology and the means to reach the next level of progress. Of course, this meant that their influence and power in just a few decades exceeded that of any government on the planet. The Commonsteam remained neutral in the conflicts of the nations providing their technological services to all parties without developing affiliations or phobias. Until the Abyssal Empire emerged.

It started with the various acts of sabotage. The Commonsteam factories in several areas of the planet were attacked by an unknown enemy. The first claims by a group calling itself the “Abyssal Empire” did not alert the all-powerfull technocrats of the Commonsteam, confusing them with anarchists; they just reinforced security in factories. Possibly the word “Empire” sounded so pretentious that it caused more oversight than fear. Then the disappearances and the murders began. In a period of two weeks 12 high officials of the Commonsteam were killed or disappeared. Among them, the President of the Alliance Sir Henry Charles Cunningham. From that moment, it was decided to build the previously neutral Alliance “Commonsteam” and put in command Colonel Sir Arthur Perceval Clayton as commander in chief of the recently created Commonsteam forces. However, this was not very effective either. The enemy was unknown, elusive, and seemed to always be one step ahead of the actions of the Commonsteam. Colonel Clayton realized that an Army is useless to fight shadows in the fog, so he decided to use his experience to recruit a group of specialized talents, replacing force by guile and fighting on equal terms. So the first steam commands appear, “The Smog Riders”!



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