Fallen Frontiers Faction Focus: Ares

Dear commanders,

We are back with Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition, and we start a set of entries about the factions of the game. In particular we will focus today on the Ares Conduminium in order to know more about the army and the influence that the changes will have on it.

Gods of war
Ares is a race of synthetic creatures, with human appearance but with greater skills and morphology. They initially served the enigmatic beings called the “Masters”, but some of them were freed by humans after being discovered during the colonial expansion. These “operators” were studied and brought many scientific discoveries, but in the end their right to self determination was recognized and military support was given to them to liberate their comrades. After a deadly civil war, the Ares Condominium arises, a newly forged society of super-soldiers, hungry for glory and prosperity.

The Ares army
The excellent physical characteristics and technology of the Ares race is perfectly represented in the composition of the army. Ares battle-forces are composed by elite soldiers, very resilient and equipped with better weapons and items than other factions. Despite the fact that Condominium troops are commonly overwhelmed in numbers, their excellent training and armor outweigh that disadvantage.

Ares are  by nature jealous of their recently earned freedom, which is represented with a limited access to command points. On the other hand, every Ares Hero has a greater amount of wounds because of their exceptional physiognomy, and they also have powerful equipment and a wider range of options at their disposal. This makes any leader of the Condominium a fierce fighter, in addition to an invaluable officer.

Ares Tactics
The attributes of the Ares Codominium units condition the way their battle-forces are built. Given that this is a very resilient and disciplined army, an experienced general can use it as a stone against which waves of enemies will be crushed. However the administration of krithium and command points must be done carefully, or otherwise Ares could become overwhelmed in numbers and tactical flexibility with ease. Having these considerations in mind, it is a good idea to get cheap tactical cards with a very specific role in the battle plan.

For example, the cards “Take  cover!” (cost 0) or “Dodge” (Cost 1) can be specially powerful when played on Ares Soldiers (Drill Level 4 and Armour 2). Almost without paying command points, they can get cover and increase their Drill Level against enemy fire, which makes them even harder to kill. If this was not enough, we can use “First aid” (Cost 2) in the most critical moments, reducing the damage received even futher.

Offensively, Ares troops usually have more range, ensuring that they will hit fist. In order to make this even more effective, tactics like “Reload” or “Hollow Point Ammo” can be good options, because they can obliterate poorly trained and equipped units with little command cost. If more firepower is necessary, then “Assault Formation” or the “Partisan” skill (Bitsie) are perfect to increase the rate of our weapons.

The Ares army is a great option for both veteran and new players. Since it demands fewer models and it is a resistant block, the new players can build their battle-force rapidly, and they will feel comfortable by watching how Ares soldiers can resist the punishment in battle with ease. Veterans will a find an interesting challenge in this faction, because these armies are small in number, and they need a correct use of tactics and troops in advanced level games.

One way or another, collecting the Ares Condominium is always an attractive option, since deploying a full detachment of super-soldiers in power suits is a sight to behold. Moreover some of the most charismatic characters from Fallen Frontiers belong to this faction, and it is a great pleasure to watch them in action. So… will you join the rebellion?



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