Fallen Frontiers Faction Focus: Riff

Dear commanders,

Today we continue with a series of articles dedicated to analyzing the different factions of Fallen Frontiers. After the stoic soldiers of the Ares Condominium it is time for an army consumed by vengeance: the Riff Empire

An Elder race
The origins of Riffs date from an age much older than the dawn of mankind. During that period their culture flourished and controlled unmatched vast regions of another galaxy. However, even that powerful empire collapsed, and it had to be rebuilt as a new society free of the old mistakes. During a time this worked, but that dream vanished when they got into the path of the terran colonial vanguard. The news of the genocide arrived soon to other Riff worlds, and that was the spark that this proud and martial race just needed to recover its warmonger traditions.

Commanded by vengeful general, survivors of the massacre, the Riff counterattack was brutal and relentless, recovering critical systems after a campaign of major victories. But, at some point, the strong sense of honor of these aliens allowed an armistice. Despite the short-lived period of peace, the fragility of the truce was clear, and both sides know that the next war is getting close.

The fists of the Imperium
Very little time needed the Riff race to recover their military way of life. The new wave that invaded our galaxy is mainly composed by soldiers, which is in fact a fearsome and efficient army with huge amounts of troops and resources. If this was not enough, the Riff physiognomy is well known for its adaptability, making them as the biggest threat for mankind ever found.

Riff battle forces and their commanders are an example of their exceptional racial attributes, in such a way that they are exceptionally versatile and functional in combat, but efficient above all. This explains that a bare hand Riff warrior can face even the mighty Ares operators, while their officers do not envy any of the best generals from the most brilliant Sayx academy.

Riff tactics
Riff Empire has a wide range of troops, capable of performing different roles, like the accurate raids by elite Ares soldiers or a crushing attack made with unending waves of corporate conscripts. Thus, even the most basic grunt, the fierce berserkers or the heavy hulks, all of them serve as one piece of the intractable Riff war machine.

Riffs might not have a technology as advanced as Condominium, but their armies use weapons with greater caliber than the human standard. The Krag´ka rifle or the Moo´ka heavy pistol are dreaded firearms, because even the most resilient power-armors cannot give full protection against a short ranged shot. A few squads of Riff soldiers can deploy a dangerous line of fire, without investing to much resources or command. However they are not hardened troops and we must take care of morale, so it would be good to lead them with Commander Heroes, or by choosing the Inspiring Speech tactical card.

If we prefer deploying veterans, then storm troopers are our natural choice. Since they are better trained and equipped they can win even in the hardest combats, but they really become a truly hard to kill unit when boosted with tactics like Concentration or Dodge.


Another iconic Riff unit is the berserker, close combat specialists that spread chaos and destruction. We can use Sprint or Infiltration in order to help them to charge, while Hit and Run is very handy to let them lock in assault as many enemies as possible.

Player will find different playing styles by using the Riff Heroes, since they can recruit inspiring leaders like Draxx or a trueborn slaughter. If you do not know what I am talking about, then just wait and watch Sihlas in action, with or without using Hit.

The Riffs are one of the pillars of Fallen Frontiers. They are not only one of the icons of this universe, but the most polyvalent battle force. Collecting this army is as fun as playing it. The different look of their troops is also implemented in the different ways they fight in battle. Even when belonging to same side, it is easy to find two different Riff armies.

As a summary, the Riff Empire is the versatile option, and the most inventive players will enjoy trying all its variants. If this was not enough, who does not like the idea of giving retribution through the galaxy? Yes fellow commander… vengeance will be ours!

Krull Baal

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