Fallen Frontiers Faction Focus: Sayx

Dear commanders,

Today we come back and review another factions of Fallen Frontiers. After Ares Condominum and the Riff Empire, it is time for the most “human” army: Sayx Enterprises.

Endless Ambition
Sayx corporation´s birth and development is linked to the expansion of humanity into the stars.  As one of the great human organisations, its fast growth was motivated by the need for military forces and logistics to colonize new star systems. Its absorption into INCRECOM years later, far from making it disappear, made the company prosper even further. The giant hive ships that characterize Sayx were developed in this era.

Seen from our cultural perspective, the Sayx  society is ruthless and implacable. Only strength and cunning will allow someone to stand out in this sternly controlled society, where even the most exceptional individuals are just pawns of a macro corporation hungry for expanding its profits.

After the Magellan disaster, INCRECOM entrusted the thick of its military power to Sayx and as expected, their performance was efficient and unceremonious. These troops from the new corporation army were the ones that in fact, after the contemptible Kellion Prime genocide, originated the conflict with the Riff race.  Their subsequent defeat during the alien counteroffensive, far from intimidating them,  was interpreted by their leaders as a much needed purge to improve the overall army´s performance. Bets were off, and Sayx wasn´t about to waste an opportunity to profit at the expense of an unlimited war.


The Colonial troopers
During their gestation period, each Sayx individual is subjected to an intense genetic manipulation program by the corporation, aimed to guarantee a controlled evolution to improve the human race. In spite of this strict genetic control, the Sayx are still the closest to what we would understand as humans.

From among the long lists of Sayx pawns, some fortunate souls are selected to be part of the military operation. The new recruits become superior in the social hierarchy, and are submitted to an extremely hard training to prepare them for their destinies in the front, where they will become rough veterans, the vanguard of the troops that guarantee the safety and control of the INCRECOM colonies.

Sayx tactics
The Sayx corporation has designed and created an army with the best technology available to humanity. This military body was created to face the challenge of fighting in any battlefield, anywhere in the galaxy. This is the reason why Sayx troops have exceptional logistics and mobility, ensuring a quick and effective response against any threat.

In spite of the genetic improvements, the Sayx soldier alone cannot compete with the strenght and adaptability of the other enemy races (Operators, Riff and Harvesters). In a group however, they act as a powerful and ruthless war machine.  Any Sayx battle force is capable of  displaying impressive fire power on the battlefield, but their commanders know that tactics and subterfuge are essential for victory.

At game level, Sayx troops are overall less resistant than other races and they depend on coordination and a good use of strategy cards to prevail. For that matter, Sayx Heroes are unique because they have more command and very good support skills at their disposal. Ordinarily, the Sayx have a greater number of  tactical cards and greater access to resources than other factions (the clearest example of this is their specific card Orders received), giving the player a greater number of combinations and responses.

Because the Sayx have more command and resources, cards like Sabotage or Aerial Attack become very useful tools to punish the enemy. Even if the enemy has reaction cards, they will usually see themselves in the dilemma of choosing between spending those resources to avoid the effects or being able to effectively act with their troops.

The Sayx armory is a reflection of their concept of warfare, based on mobility and war of attrition.  Many of their troops have access to SMG type weapons (which allow them to shoot before movement actions), making them ideal for furtive attack and retreat actions. Furthermore, the Sayx commanders may take under their command excellent elite units such as the fast and lethal Nightstalkers, with their camouflage technology or the heavy Vulcan, capable of easily smashing any fortified position with their artillery.  The latter benefit greatly from cards like Concentrated Fire or Hollow point ammo, while the former will be even more lethal with Fury and/or  Adrenaline rush.


Sayx Enterprises offers players a very different Fallen Frontiers experience. Command and resource superiority allows commanders to execute many actions per turn, so it will probably be the preferred faction for those who enjoy making tactical card combinations.

In addition to this, the perceived weakness of the standard Sayx soldier may backfire on an enemy commander that underestimates them because, with the right tactics, even a small unit of these troops can become very annoying to the opponent while fulfilling the objectives of a mission.

INCRECOM´s cause is probably not the most clean or idealistic of all the factions, but many have enlisted their ranks lured by the resources they offer and the good pay they promise. As they enjoy reminding recruits in Sayx academies:…”Hell is full of brave soldiers who followed the wrong master”.

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