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Dear friends,

It is time to welcome October, and with it we also bring hot news from Scale Games

First of all, you should mark next 25th in you calendar. Yes, because that is the date for the official release of Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition, which will take place during SPIEL´18 (Essen). Scale Games will present the game in the venue and you are invited to visit us and play some demonstrations with our staff. Remember, meet us at Hall 6, in booth B6I-111.

Second point,  four new characters are going to be released this month:
Hank (Ares Condominium)
Jason Ramires (Sayx Enterprises)
Reaper (Harversters)
Kira (The Damned)

These reinforcements are just the vanguard of more future waves of releases, but we are sure they will storm the battlefields and allow new nice tricks to play our armies. These models will be available for sale in Essen, but also in Scale 75´s website store.

Finally, but not less important, the “goddies”… The new 2nd Edition rulebook plus all tactical and mission cards are available in the Community section. You can download them for free and start playing Fallen Frontiers at home. You have the models, we put the rules and.. let the battle begin!!



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    • Graystoak on 5 October, 2018 at 9:27 pm
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    Really pleased to see the rules in English at last. I thought this was a Beta? Are you going straight to release?

    I know the previous edition had lots of translation errors that caused problems for English speaking players. I was hoping to read through the new rules and offer some terminology feed back as an English speaker.

    1. Hello Graystoak,

      Yes, this the final version of the 2nd edition. We released the beta this summer in Spanish, but we had a delay with the translation and the English version was not available until end of September.

      This time a native speaker was involved in the translation, so we expect to overcome those previous errors. In any case Scale Games wants to keep a tight contact with our community. If any problem with the rules arise then we will fix it as soon as possible by publishing FAQs in our website or making a new impression if necessary.


        • Graystoak on 8 October, 2018 at 2:59 pm
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        Really glad that you are using the community to help with rules corrections. I’ll let you know if anything is unclear.

        1. Thank you very much Graystoak. Any help and comment from you will be appreciated.

          We know about the importance of having an active community, and we want to establish a close dialogue with players. This is important now, but it will be even more critical when the organized play starts.


    • Graystoak on 6 October, 2018 at 9:32 am
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    First question. In a single game turn do the two players alternate activating their units until they have no command tokens left?
    For example, if I have 6 tokens can I spend 2, then let my opponent take his turn before I then spend another 1 or more ? Alternatively I could spend all 6 straight away but then I would have to sit back and watch for the remainder of the turn!

    1. Hello,

      The game is now divided in rounds, and each round has the following phases:
      – Planning.
      – First Player´s (with the initiative) turn
      – Second Player´s turn
      – Scoring

      In each own turn, the player can activate units or use (action) tactical cards until he/her depletes his/her command points. If you don´t use and save some command points in your turn, then those can be used for reaction skills or tactical cards in the turn of the opponent. But at the end of the round all command points left are lost, and they can not be accumulated for the next round.

    • Graystoak on 6 October, 2018 at 9:35 am
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    Second question. Does the ‘determin initiative’ step happen just once in a game, before the first turn?

    Or do you do this every turn?

    1. Correct. The initiative is determined at the beginning of the first game turn. This is very important, because it is kept in the same way for every round.

      Note that this is one the main differences with the first edition.

        • Graystoak on 8 October, 2018 at 3:01 pm
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        Great. I think this is a good decision as establishing initiative every turn can slow the game down.

        1. Thanks.

          It was one of the most delicate points in the first edition rules. The game could become unbalanced when one side plays two consecutive turns.

          We find the battle more fair with the new initiative system, and it gives a lot of importance to the bid at the beginning of the game.

            • Graystoak on 8 October, 2018 at 8:17 pm

            I very much agree. I have experienced this issue with other game systems. Things can quickly become one sided when a player activates twice in succession.

    • Graystoak on 6 October, 2018 at 9:42 am
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    Question three. Does the Planning Phase happen every turn?

    For example; I begin with one task force and two heroes for a total of 5 command points. One of my heroes is killed in round 1. In round 2 do I still have 5 command points or would the deceased heroes 1 command point become unavailable once they are removed from the game?


    1. Correct. There is a planning phase at the start of each new round.

      If you loose a Hero or a full task force (see Attrition advanced rules) then your army will get less command points in the following planning phases.

    • Graystoak on 7 October, 2018 at 11:49 am
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    Question four. Do hero’s operate independently of units?

    In the previous edition hero’s became a part of the unit and shared their skills but it seems they operate separately now. If this is the case is it possible to join units or are heroes always treated as individual?

    If the case is that they are individual, would a skill such as Kyra’s ‘Elusive 1’ only work on the hero? Or is it still possible to share this skill?

    Thanks again.

    Looking forward to testing out these rules very soon.

    1. Heroes are now independent units by all means (activation, movement, attacks…). They can´t join other units, but they can´t be targeted if they are close (2 UD)of other non Heroes units.

      Certain skills can be shared with other units (Fury, Partisan, Cybermaster fearless aura…), but others don´t. Each description indicates how the skill works.

      In your example, Kira usually doesn´t need the Elusive skill, because he can be “hidden” with other near friendly units. However, she will get benefit ot it when isolated, or against certain skills/rules that overcome the targeting restriction. For example, it is possible to target a unit close to Kira with a FRAG 2 weapon and, if the template touches her base, roll to hit the Hero. In that case the Elusive 1 applies, and she is harder to kill.

    • Graystoak on 7 October, 2018 at 11:20 pm
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    Question Five, how do you resolve close combat attack’s for models who are armed with more than one close combat weapon?

    For example; A Riff Berserker in close combat has a pistol (ROF 1), and a machete (ROF 2). Can he use both weapons? And if so does he need to roll the 1 & 2 dice independently as each weapon has different attributes?

    What does Fighter 1 do in this example?

    1. A model that fights in a close combat can use all close combat weapons equipped. For example, a Berserker with a pistol and machete will roll with three attack dice (1 pistol + 2 machete). Dice are rolled independently, because those weapons have a different profile.

      In your example a Berserker with Fighter 1 adds +1 Strength to his close combat attacks (this results in Strength 5 for the pistol, and 4 the machete). When he charges he gets one additional attack, and his controlling player chooses with which weapon.

        • Graystoak on 8 October, 2018 at 3:05 pm
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        This makes a lot of sense now.
        You may need to amend the entry for Fighter X as it does not mention strength, hence my confusion about what would be increased.


        1. True. You just found the first errata. 🙂

          It should read: “Fighter X- Add X to the weapons strength of the unit when resolving a close combat. Moreover add+1 rate to one equipped CLOSE COMBAT weapon when performing a charge.”


    • Graystoak on 8 October, 2018 at 8:16 pm
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    Thanks for all your answers. I have another question for you

    Can a hero with a skill such as Guardian, Partisan or Fury (specifically rules that target a unit within a set distance of the hero), use the skill on themselves?

    1. Yes, he/she can. He/She is a friendly unit in range after all.

      Please continue, we will get a nice collection of FAQ. 🙂

        • Graystoak on 8 October, 2018 at 9:02 pm
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        I’m glad the rule works that way. I’m sure I’ll have some more questions

    • Graystoak on 9 October, 2018 at 11:40 am
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    Hello again.

    looking at the English edition of the tactics cards this morning. I noticed that there are a few missing. Notably the Faction specific cards but also a few others as there are only 46 compared to 53 Spanish.


    1. Yes, you are right, but this affects the new Spanish tactical card file too. There were 7 more cards in the beta version.

      We are a little busy these days at the office (somebody said a new KS and Essen coming?), but we will upload a corrected file with all cards soon. Thanks for your patience.


        • Graystoak on 9 October, 2018 at 5:49 pm
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        Very interesting. Are we likely to hear more at Essen? I read rumours of a fith faction some time ago. Is this a possibility?…

        1. Yes, the fifth faction for Fallen Frontiers is on the table, but the other factions still need to be developed first.

          The (Essen) show will be focused on the 2nd edition and four new characters (Kira, Hank, Jason and Reaper), because we consider it as a turning point for Fallen Frontiers. However you can expect more new releases before the end of 2018.

            • Graystoak on 10 October, 2018 at 11:39 am

            It’s good to see these characters getting released. I am familiar with them after backing the Reboot KS.

            I hope Essen goes well for you.

          1. Thanks Graystoak.

            Yes, backers of the Reboot KS had the chance to get some of the models. But now there is a plan to release all of them… and more coming. 🙂


    • Graystoak on 9 October, 2018 at 11:42 am
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    I think I have spotted another error for your errata.

    4.2 – fighting formations.
    For Open formation the text reads “must be located less than 2UD” however the image shows 4UD. I think the text should also read 4UD.

      • Graystoak on 9 October, 2018 at 12:22 pm
      • Reply

      Oh and on the subject of Tactics cards. Once played are they discarded, returned to your hand or returned to your deck?

      Thanks again.

      1. Hello,

        Played cards become temporarily unavailable (They are usually kept on the board, with the casting cost tokens on it). All cards return to the owner´s deck at the end of the round (unless a description states otherwise), and any of them can be selected in the next planning phase.

    1. Yes, you found a second errata. It should read “… must be located less than 4UD“.


    • Graystoak on 9 October, 2018 at 9:01 pm
    • Reply

    Are you happy for me to make these comments here or is there a better page or forum I should be using?

    Also my emojis don’t seem to work for some reason! I’ve tried thumbs up and smiles but they just don’t come out! Maybe it’s an iOS thing?

    1. Sure. This is the perfect place for asking any question about the game. These kind of comments can be really useful for the community. 🙂

      I can´t tell you about the emojis, but we will check it anyway!

    • Graystoak on 10 October, 2018 at 5:00 pm
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    I’ve started looking more closely at the units and heroes.

    I’m currently trying to understand the best use for ‘Military Genius’ (as a Riffs player this is an important skill). At first this skill sounds very powerful but when I think through how this skill can be implemented I am not so sure.

    As Military Genius is an action skill it must be used during the players own activation. Although it is possible to select reaction skills, you would have to do this during your own turn. This raises two problems; Firstly it is a big commitment to spend 2CP’s on a reactive skill that you may not get to use (you would also have to keep the cost of that skill in reserve in order to use it).
    Secondly, if you don’t have initiative you would never be able to use a reactive skill as you would always be taking second activation!

    it seems the more practical use for Military Genius would be to choose an action skill. Of the action skills available it is hard to see that any would be worth spending 2CP’s in addition to their standard cost.

    As an example, a 50 point Task Force including Fink Dradd would have a minimum of 5CP’s & a maximum of 8CP’s.
    To spend 2CP’s and allow Fink to use this skill represents a large investment of available CP’s (plus the cost of the skill itself so probably 3CP’s total).
    It is hard to imagine that activating 3 units or playing several tactics cards, would not be more beneficial than using a single skill.

    My suggestion would be that Military Genius is activated using Krithium, rather than CP’s. This would mean that the heroes tactical options increase once he/she has control of resources.

    Of course I am saying this before playing the new rules. It is possible that this skill is more useful than I am imagining or that CP’s are more readily available than I anticipate!

    1. Hello Graystoak,

      Military genius is very powerful skill, because it gives you a huge versatility during the game. For this reason, it demands an additional cost. I guarantee that you would willingly pay those two extra points of command when facing a critical situation.

      However like you mentioned, it has limitations. When testing the game we tried to avoid the “easy” combinations, and we wrote Military Genius in order to be a useful tool, but not an “auto-win” skill.

      You could find the amount of command points invested too high, but we must point out that most of the standard games will be played at 100-150 points. We consider that the smaller scenarios (50p) are just little skirmishes, and in bigger games it is easy to play with 9-12 command points per army. Moreover there are useful tactical cards like Logistics or Recycle that help in this purpose.

      Finally, I must say that this is our opinion based in our testing experience. We know that Fallen Frontiers is a complex game, and it is possible that it demands changes in time. After all this is why your comments and suggestions are so important for us.

    • Graystoak on 11 October, 2018 at 12:28 pm
    • Reply


    When playing the original rules we found smaller games worked better for us. 3-4 units and as many heroes was a good size. I think I am still imagining the game played at this size but I can tell from the changes you have made that this version will scale up more easily.

    As you say, in a larger game more CP’s become available and so the skill becomes more affordable.

    I appreciate you guys being so open to discussion. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the effects of the new rules, revised skills and tactics cards come together on the table!

  1. [EN]

    The missing cards are now available in the download section:



    La cartas que faltaban ya están disponibles en la sección de descargas:


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