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Fallen Frontiers: New FAQ and Errata

Hail commanders! We are living interesting but hard times, an age in constant evolution. In such scenario it is important to check everything… our games and their rules are not an exception. One month after Fallen Frontiers 2nd edition was released, we announce the first update: Fallen Frontiers FAQ & Errata V1 You can find …

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Black Friday is here!

Dear friends, Today, like each fourth Thursday of November, is  a very special day. As you know Thanksgiving is an old American tradition, when we feast and celebrate together. But that it is not all, since just after it comes the Black Friday.  Black Friday is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and many …

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Smog Riders: New characters available!

Hello fellow Smog Riders! How you doing today? We hope everything is under control in the Steam City… at least for now. A few weeks ago some of you asked us about some of the characters that were not included in TSR -Dimensions of Madness box. Yes, you are right, we are talking about Mirabella …

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Fallen Frontiers: A closer look at the new recruits

Dear commanders, We announced three weeks ago four new characters for Fallen Frontiers: Hank, Jason Ramires, Kyra and Reaper. These and some others were available during the Fallen Frontiers Reboot Kickstarter, but now they can be found in Scale 75 web store. We get to the point and let´s have a look and see which benefits bring …

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The Chronicles of Run Card Game: How to play

Hello, We are in the last 24 hours of “The Chronicles of Run” kickstarter. We really recommend you to visit the page and back this amazing campaign… but first you may want to have a closer look at the card game.  Yes, we bring a detailed guide explaining how to play it! COMPONENTS In the …

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The Chronicles of Run boardgame

Hello friends, We are back from SPIEL´18 (Essen), and after the “show” there are many projects running now in the studio. Remember that we are on the last week of a Kickstarter “The Chronicles of Run”, and precisely in that campaign, yesterday Scale 75 announced a very interesting update… Yes dear friends, we have another game …

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