The Chronicles of Run Card Game: How to play


We are in the last 24 hours of “The Chronicles of Run” kickstarter. We really recommend you to visit the page and back this amazing campaign… but first you may want to have a closer look at the card game.  Yes, we bring a detailed guide explaining how to play it!


In the “The Chronicles of Run” we will find different components such as tokens, cards and tiles. Cards and tiles have the following attributes:


Each player (Order or Chaos) gets a deck with 11 characters and their runes. Then all zone tiles are placed randomly.

Both players draw a card from their decks. In this example the Order (Blue) player got a character with more Destiny (Aruh´Ka), so he/she has the “initiative” and the game begins.


The Order player chooses one character among all, and he/she places the rune facing down in one tile at his/her choice. Chaos player replies by doing the same.

Now both players reveal the runes and they place the cards on the board. These characters have been summoned into the world of Run.

In this example Order placed Thenediel as defender (left slot) in “Nebutland´s forest”. Meanwhile Chaos deployed Jynz as attacker (right slot) in the black lands.

Now is when the skills are applied. Here Thenediel gets +4 Destiny, because she has been deployed as defender. Jynz gets the same bonus, but for being attacker. Then the Chaos player gets the “initiative” and another round begins.


In this round players repeated the same procedure, but starting the Chaos player. After revealing their runes we can see the Chaos moved Thaal to the “Nebutland´s forest”, while Order placed Loreen as attacker in “Hell´s gate”.

Thaal´s skill is not useful here, but her Destiny 9 will be enough to defeat Thenediel and control the land at the end of the game. On the other hand, the Order can use Loreen´s “Lust”, attracting Jyzn at her zone. With this smart movement Chaos loses one land and Order will control the precious “Hell´s gate”. Jynz loses his bonus while being a defender, and he will be defeated by the succubus.


After nine rounds players have occupied all lands of Run, and they must resolve the challenges in each of them. At his point in both sides two characters must remain unused; in this case Thenediel and Aruh´ka of Chaos, but Broin and Keera of Order.

In this example Order wins in Kawanda (1), Gate of Hell (3), Cadmium Fortress (2) and Nest of Dragons (1), while Chaos controls Black Lands (1), The Crow (1), Verossus (2), Iron Dungeon (1) and Nebutland´s Forest (2). This result would be a tie (7-7)… however Bort (Rune of Pain) achieves an additional point when this character defeats his opponent. Thank to this the Chaos player gets an extra point and wins the game.

We hope you like this guide. Remember that you can download the full rules here:



If you want to get this game do not hesitate, you still have time to become a backer in KS and fight for the destiny of Run!


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