Fallen Frontiers: A closer look at the new recruits

Dear commanders,

We announced three weeks ago four new characters for Fallen Frontiers: Hank, Jason Ramires, Kyra and Reaper. These and some others were available during the Fallen Frontiers Reboot Kickstarter, but now they can be found in Scale 75 web store. We get to the point and let´s have a look and see which benefits bring these heroes in the game.

The nickname of operator 323  could be “The Mountain”. We may find him a little bit overpriced, but in exchange we get a monster with 4 wounds, armor 3 and ignores damage by rolling 6+ (Colossal). He is also a good close combat fighter… he can even face a full platoon of Riff soldiers alone! Hank may not deal a lot of casualties each round, but he is the anvil where your enemies will crush.


Command is not the particular strength of Hank, but “Taunt” and “Engineer” are useful. “Taunt” is a reaction skill that can be played in a proper situation; for example protecting a precious troop that is holding an objective. Hank is real tough guy, and he is more than capable to remain untouched against most of the weapons in the game. On the other  hand “Engineer” is very handy in a Hero, since it is very easy to become obscured being close of friendly units and harvest krithium every turn. When we choose Hank some missions (“Assault to the Factory” or “Black Ops“) are not difficult to achieve, and our opponent´s plans will be compromised while he/her is trying to avoid that Hank reaches a krithium extractor.

A man of action like just a few; who does not want a hero shooting a heavy weapon in the middle of the fray. If you love Terminator 2 then you know just what I mean, right? Well, Jason compensates his standard profile by wielding the excellent M22 minigun. This weapon has a great rate of fire and it is always a good choice for any army, but it is even better when it is safely protected among numerous troops. Moreover Jason has access to equipment, and in this case “Explosive Ammo“, “Piercing Ammo” or ” Thermal Vision” will greatly disappoint your opponent.

Like Hank, Jason is not a brilliant commander. However “Reckless” is a practical skill in a unit that shoots well, because it is easy to make casualties and get an extra command point every turn. “Inspiration” is another precious skill, and especially in armies with low Drill Level. Re-rolling morale checks allows you to deploy your troops in patrol or open formations, but getting the benefit of a close one.

Probably nobody wants to meet this Harvester beast very close. The character of the Behemoths has a  profile focused in dealing as much damage as possible, and rapidly. He is a fast (MOV 7 UD) and resilient unit (4 wounds with Armor 1 and “Colossal“) with a crushing assault capability (Assault 3 and “Fighter” 2).

Unsurprisingly Reaper do not give orders, he just smash enemies. He do this really well, either shooting the “Reaper” (a close range multi rocket) or in close combat. Reaper performs three attacks of necrofist when charging; and because of his high assault factor and strength he usually does not miss when rolling to hit or wound. Only the better trained and armored units can survive his wrath… and not for long. And if this would not be enough to finish the task, Reaper can encourage other closer units that assault with “”Fury” .

The first available mercenary, and probably the most conflictive in the whole known universe. Kyra is an interesting Hero option for any Ares, Riff or Sayx army. Her upgraded Ares soldier attributes are nice, but the best of this girl are her special abilities.

Elusive 1” allows her to operate independently with ease. This happen very often when the battle gets rough and many troops die or flee. Moreover she can avoid easily the dangerous selective attacks, like frag templates or some tactical cards that can affect protected heroes.

Decoy” is probably the main reason why many want to include Kyra in their armies. This is arguably one of the most powerful skills of the game, since it allows you tactical tricks in desperate situations. For example, we can redirect fire that targets one of our decimated units, keeping those troops alive. By switching targets,  our heavily armored unit in cover could receive shots directed against an advancing close combat specialist instead. Kyra´s tactical flexibility is huge, and players will appreciate using her skills soon… or they will learn to fear them.


This is all for now. We hope you like this entry, and give a proper use with your armies soon. Next month comes full of “heavy” new releases… so do not wait and play at home, or you will get accumulated work!

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