Fallen Frontiers: Reinforcements just arrived!

Dear commanders,

As we promised we bring you the new releases announced for Christmas… and which ones! Let us introduce…


The best shooter in the Sayx army exploited the confusion of the new reinforcements, and meanwhile he entered unnoticed into the battlefields of Fallen Frontiers. Axl carries am RS3 sniper gun, a reliable weapon (ACCURATE) with long range (40 UD) that allows you to choose the casualties in enemy units (SELECTOR). Do you need to get rid of that pesky heavy weapon or an officer with battle trophies? No problem at all. Axl is your man.

If that is not enough then have a look at his skills, because Axl is not only a good commander.  ESPIONAGE is very useful if you want to reveal the tricks of your opponent, PARTISAN will boost your units in a close range firefight, and  SHOOTER allows you to hunt any enemy hero that shows up. Definitively, as Dex Vogel knows well, he is a bargain.


Artillery lovers, you were waiting for this day… the Vulcans. These specialists wield heavy power suits and are slow  (they can not march) but they are much more  resilient  (ARMOR 3 and 3 wounds) than any other Sayx troops, which is good to hold the line. Vulcans act as a very effective fire platform, each twin minigun has 8 shots that hit on 5+, unmodified by Drill Level, March or Cover. Even the better trained units can not avoid this storm of fire!


You thought Ares were tough?, then wait and meet the Hyperions. Only elite Ares soldiers are allowed to wear one of these legendary suits (ARMOR 3 and 2 wounds), equipped with the dreaded Hellion cannon and a phase blade. And, as if they were not awesome enough, Hyperions can also get additional equipment and become more resilient  (Energy field) and lethal (Holographic vision, Phase weapons or Target Lock). Wherever you find these warriors, enemies of the Condominium are in trouble.


If someone knows how to make war, those are the Riff… and they could not be less against such escalation of weaponry. Hulks are the response of the Empire to their enemies: storm troopers with the best weapons and personal protection available.  Their heavy armor (ARMOR 2, 2 wounds and COLOSSAL) is even better than the one of the standard Ares soldiers, and the Shor´ka machine gun grants an excellent power and rate. But that is not all, only the most stoic and stern Riff can join this elite force , so all hulks ignore the extra command token required when pinned (STUBBORN). We have no doubt that vengeance is getting closer when these buddies are in your team.


If you were worried a few  weeks ago with the appearance of “Reaper”, now your worst nightmares come true. Behemoths result from the Harvester assimilation of an unknown humanoid alien race, one that would have been better not to disturb. These monsters are big and can take a lot of punishment (ARMOR 1, 3 wounds and COLOSSAL), but they are even better at delivering strikes. You do not need to be very clever to understand that it is wise to keep some distance with them; otherwise you will not care if you are incinerated by warp flamers or being smashed with necrofists. If you find Behemoths in the battlefield, you better shot them with all you got or run… now you are warned!

Now these new units of Fallen Frontiers were formerly presented, and we are sure you are eager to paint them and play in battle. They are cool, they are mean… so they deserve no more.

From the team of Scale Games… we wish you Merry Christmas!

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