Smog Riders: A double agent

Hello smog riders,

Yes my friends, after those awesome painting guides from the sci-fi future of Fallen Frontiers we come back to the Steam City. If you visit periodically this blog you may remember a previous entry in which we published rules for six new characters of The Smog Riders: Dimensions of Madness. Well,  that day we gave you their cards we missed a little detail… their tokens! So this time you can find them in our updated download section:


But that´s not all. Some of you also asked us about one very special and misterious character…

Kitty Reimer, the mischevous spy

“Little is known about the origins of Kitty, but she was raised in one of the poorest districs of Steam City. Life was hard, but Kitty developed innate skills for survival and disguise. After some years her reputation growth, and she eventually accepted some jobs for the Abyssal Empire as informant.

This uncommon business relationship worked for some time, but one day chief librarian Arcturus discovered her activities and she ended arrested in a prision of the Commonsteam Alliance. Then Kitty started, once more, a new life… but this time as double agent. However, even today, no one really can assure to which side her loyalty truly lies.”

An insteresting history, right? If you want to include Kitty in your band then have a look at her rules. Remember that this is an unique character that can be played in either side in a game of TSR-Dimensions of Madness.


That is all for now. Remember that new reinforcements will show up some day, but meanwhile… stay tunned Smog Riders!


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