Fallen Frontiers: Meet the fantastic four

Hail commanders,

Welcome once more to Fallen Frontiers. Our ever expading universe is always full of changes and conflicts, and new heroes just joined the fray: Dexx Vogel, Virus, Val´n Dorr and Lee Jenkins. Let´s see what they can offer to your ranks…


He is trickster and sly like no one, so you don´t want to mess with “papa” Vogel. At first glance you may compare him with Tarko, the other senior Sayx officer. But far from it, instead of being a man of action Dexx is a resourceful guy. His particular way of fighting is represented with access to more equipment (up to two items) and some great support abilities.

“Command 2” and “Tactics” are nice skills that give you better control of your troops and tactical resources, and they are perfect to optimize your strategy in the middle of the combat.

On the other hand an extra source of krithium is always welcome, and that is why insist that “Engineer” is a great skill for a Hero. Moreover, “Armored 1” increases the life expectancy of your minions while the job is done.

Dreaded among friends and foes, Virus is the living incarnation of the harvester race. Yes, he is relentless and efficient like all other cybermasters, but he is also a gifted one. There are several updates applied to this “experiment” that makes of him a very dangerous threat for any army.

For example, “Power Surge” is a devastating tool when facing close combat formations, and it can become even more frustrating for your opponent if you use it combined with “Assimilation”.

If you have played Bitsie in your games before, you should know that “Partisan” is a very powerful skill too. We promise you that warp drones with necrolasers or six Slave Warriors carrying shock guns get a huge boost with it.

As if these were not enough, Virus can get up two items from the armory. That makes him more flexible and potentially resilient than standard cybermasters. The new model is awesome and rules are cool, so now you have strong arguments to let him lead your harvester raid.

Stranger among her equals, Val´n had a very unusual life for a Riff. However, either for destiny or luck, she became a cunning commander with a promising future ahead.

Despite having a basic profile and equipment for a Hero, Val´n Dorr has some interesting skills that would love agressive and creative players. “Ambush” allows you to redeploy her before the battle starts, which would be good to support your Atérides teams. And do not underestimate “Raider”, since it is an easy way to achieve extra krithium.

But let us make no mistake, “Military Genius” is the jewel of the crown. Val´n has nothing to envy of the legendary commander Dradd. And if you are playing Ares, why would you not use this exceptional skill? It might be expensive in terms of command points, but it unlocks tricks and unexpected counters during the battle. If you are looking for a flexible and bold character to command your troops, then you better call miss Dorr.

Lee is the embodiment of the mercenary…strong, charismatic and free. In fact he is unique, since all factions can hire his services. No matter the employer, Lee Jenkins will fight if the paycheck is worth of it.

Do you like vulcans? If the answer is yes then you really need this model in your army. The figure is impressive, and his rules very attractive. First of all, his basic atributes are solid (Drill level 4, Armor 3 and 5 wounds), and even above the standards of a vulcan powersuit. He also has great firepower and a reliable close combat, that can be upgraded with some useful options from the armory. However watch out for the investment in points, or otherwise your army can be easily outnumbered.

Lee Jenkins may not have a ton of skills, but “Command 2” is perfect for factions with less access to command points (traditionally Ares and Harvesters). Finally “Armored 3” synergizes very well in combination with cheap troops with light armor. Those riff soldiers need some help to fight another day? No problem, just step aside and… always listen to Lee!


Remember that you can purchase these and many more models in our Scale 75 web store. After a long time this is your chance to collect them… and it was a time to get them into the fray!


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