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We just started with two other factions: Ares  (tutorial for Ares Armor ) and Riff (tutorial for Riff Armor). Today we continue with probably one of the more popular armies in Fallen Frontiers: Sayx Enterprises.

Sayx citizens are born and grow in capital starships known as “hives”. There other human corporations that do the dirty job for INCRECOM, but Sayx are the most iconic of all. Sayx armed forces are a reflection of their stoical and merciless society. Today we will learn how to recreate a beautiful blue pattern for this bold space troopers.


Apply a base coat with a mixture of Adriatic Blue (SC-15) and with Tesla Blue (SC-52)  on the armor.







Apply a shadow tone mixing Tesla blue (SC-52) and Navy Blue (SC-54).







With a soft wash of Navy Blue (SC-54) the shadows of the armor are accentuated.







Continuing with the same color, outline in shadow the gaps in the armor. In this case it is not necessary that the paint is dilute as in the previous step.







Apply a last outlining with Adriatic Blue (SC-15) mixed with Artic Blue (SC-05) on the edges. If desired it is possible to outline some areas again with Artic Blue (SC-05) only to increase the brightness.





After this process we need to work the other parts of the model, like boots, suit, flesh and weapons. Once your squads are fully painted they will look outstanding in the battlefield. Yeah, you are reading my mind, right? It is time to yell… Come on apes!, you wanna live forever??!!

You will find these colors and much more in our web store.

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    • Darion on 25 September, 2019 at 1:30 pm
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    I’m not sure if these comments are even monitered but I was wondering if there’s anyway to find out any more specific information regarding this painting guide more precise paint mixture amounts and paint application.

    1. Hello Darion,

      Sure, we try to reply your comments as soon as possible.

      You have some videos in our youtube account:

      We also sell books, like the “Easy painting processes” or “painting busts”:

      They include in detail guides for painting different models.

      Our team also attend regularly international fairs, and we give painting demonstrations in the shows. If you find us there you can also ask us personally. For example Scale 75 will be at SPIEL´19, in Essen, next month.

      Best regards.

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