Painting Guides: Harvester armor

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Today we are going to continue with the Painting Guides, but this is the end of the first set focused in the four factions of Fallen Frontiers.

You must remember that there are tutorials available for Ares  (Ares armor ), Riff (Riff armor) and Sayx (Sayx armor). As could not be otherwise, this time we are going to dedicate our attention to the mysterious Harvesters.

Unfortunately mankind knows little about Harvesters, and those few witnesses who survived contact wish that they never existed. And this is because we are not talking of an alien race, like Riffs or even the operators, but a complex system of assimilation that annihilates and (nigthmarishly) reconstruct anything that lies in its path. Dark and metalllic tones are characteristic of these hordes of tech-slaves, and today we will explain how to paint them.


Apply a base coat of Eclipse Grey (SC-16) on the armor.







Mixing Eclipse Grey (SC-16) with Rainy Grey (SC-60) highlight the volumes of the armor that will shine.







With Flat Black (SC-00) outline in shadow the inside areas and the gaps of the armor.







Apply a second highlight with Rainy Grey (SC-60) and outline the edges in highlight.







Apply a last outlining with Nacar (SC-02) on the edges and areas of maximum reflection of the armor.






With these simple steps we will get an ellegant and synister effects at a time, which is perfect to spread terror among our enemies. Once your task force is ready for battle it will rise all the tension and uncertainty that any Harvester menace must rouse. Then it is time to whisper your adversary, “The End is nigh…

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