The Chronicles of Run: Introduction to the game

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Those who follow our newsletter are kept up to date, but we are going to share here the new release of Scale Games. We are talking of “The Cronicles of Run”, a boargame created from the Kickstarter campaign with the same name. It was offered for sale this week and its promotion in stores has begun, so we are going to refresh what is all about and how to play.

“Chaos and Order clash, and the fate of the world of Run hangs in the balance. Each player chooses one side (Chaos or Order) and uses mighty heroes for their own purposes to gain domination.”

This short briefing present us the fantasy world of Run, whose very existance depends on the result of the conflict between the forces that seek its destruction (Chaos) or preservation (Order). We will then get the role of a higher being who will try to manipulate the most powerful characters of this saga to contribute its own interests.

How we do this? Each player has twelve character cards and their corresponding marker runes (black-Chaos and white-Order), all identical to those of the oponent. These rune are used not only for identify and represent our heroes during the game, but for releasing formidable skills that will help them to win.

Each hero has a value of Fate in his/her card. When tow heroes clashes in a challenge, the one with more fate wins. However we will learn that some rune effects my overrule this basic norm.

For example, background tell us that Irina seeks revenge of Thaal after she assasinated king Keinan, who Irina had sworm to protect. To represent this fact, when these two characters fight Irina wins despite having a lesser fate.
Moreover characters have one ot three types of alignment available (Good, neutral or evil), a factor that affects interactions between the heroes deployed in Run.

Another critical aspect of the game is the creation of the world of Run. It is divided in nine lands, each of them represented with an hexagonal tile that has a value of Power an two zones for heroes (attacker or defender). Zones can be very important for certain characters because they are boosted when ocupying the proper location (Jynx and Thenediel); Power work just as victory points that we get when our hero wins a challenge against a rival character, and he/she controls the land for us.

In order to create the world players make turns and place tiles faced down. It is possible to build different shapes that would allow different strategies during the game. Once the nine tiles are deployed, the lands are revealed and the battle begins.

After players determine the initiative (player playing a rune first in the round) the game is played as follows:
1. The player who goes first makes a wager by choosing one of his/her runes and placing it on one of the lands of Run, face down.
No player may place more than one rune on the same land tile.
2. The player who goes second then does the same, placing his/her own rune on that same tile.
3. Rune face-off. The players reveal their runes, turning them face up and showing the character being played.
4. Summoning. The players place the cards of the characters used (i.e., the ones shown on the runes played) face up on the board. These characters may not be summoned again during the game.
5. Effects. The players now use the skills of the characters they have just summoned. The player with the initiative does this first

After the end of the turn, the second player then gets to go and a new round begins. These steps are repeated in each round until all the lands of Run have been occupied with a rune. This ends the game, and players check their scores.

The game starts and the player of Order (going first) chooses (secretly) the rune of “Brotherhood”; she places it on the defender’s side of “Fortress of Cadmium”. Chaos then plays and places “Lust” in “Nebutland Forest” as the Attacker.

The players then turn the runes over and play the character cards, summoning Broin and Loreen. Eva can’t use the “Brotherhood” skill, because there are no other “Good” characters in play. However, Loreen can cast “Lust” against Broin, and so Broin the dwarf is moved to the defender’s side on her land.

A challege is a combat between two characters that occupy the same land. Unless one skills states otherwise, the hero with greater fate wins the challenge. The controlling player of the winner gets as many victory points as the power of the land. If both heroes draw the challenge, the the land is contested and no one gets the points

Players resolve the challenge in every land, one by one, and the player who collected more points of power wins.

Map of Run after the game and resolving the challenges. In this example the Order´s side wins the “Black Lands”, “Gate of Hell”, Iron Dungeon” and “The Crow”, achieving 6 points of power plus one additional because Chaos´s Zhoor was defeated. Chaos controls “Cadmiun Fortress”, “Ruins of Kawanda”, “Nest of Dragons”, Nebutland Forest” and “Verosus Tides”… these sum a total of eight points, so the chaos player wins a very close run! 

What offer us “The Cronicles of Run”? Well, first of all we must say that it is a fast “filler” for two players. “The Chronicles of Run” excells in its playability and strategical challenge.  Despite rules are simple, players must calculate very carefully all their options available.

“The Chronicles of Run” give us not only deep tactics, but a game with beautiful art and components in a world of sword and sorcery. There is little left to improve this new jewel from Scale Games; even its price (PVP 15€) is a great incentive for any game collection, no matter if you are casual gamer or a veteran.

If you want to know more about the game, you can download the rulebook in the blog:

What are you waiting to get your copy?  The destiny of the world of Run is in your hands!

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