The chronicles of Run: Servants of evil

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Last month we announced the release of a new boardgame, The Chronicles of Run. In this blog we published an entry here explaining the rules in detail, but what would be the game without an interesting background of epic fantasy? So we want to introduce you into the history of Run,  and there is no better way than developing the characters that take part in this adventure. Let´s start with the “bad guys” of the movie: Zhoor and his dreaded servants of evil.


A devotee of Zhoor, she created an order of orcs, worshipers of the Lord of Havoc, who dwelled in the Black Lands. They were inculcated with the day of the Return, foretold by the prophet  MÖr, the Cruel in the Age of the Lions.

Mistress of the dark forces of the Cabal, she used her powers to pierce the weak minds of those consumed by yearnings. Taking advantage of the King´s weaknesses, she betrayed him by offering him an army that would never be his. She perfomed a magic ritual with Keynan´s blood, freeing Zhoor and his dark hordes.


Aruh´ka has fate 2 and she is represented by the rune of Treachery. After being revealed, the controlling player can move again the rune to a free adjacent land. This is very useful to deceive your oponnent; you can fake the ocupation of a precious position, and redeploy her on an expendable land. Moreover this card defeats king Keynan (Fate 8) in challenge, making of Aruh´ka one of the most flexible of all characters.




The Ogre from the mountains fo the Crow, a glutton with superhuman strength, he is a henchman in Zhoor´s hordes. Guardian of the Dungeons, he is known for his cruel tortures. Goblins are his favorite victims.

When Jynz blew up his banquet of roast horse, he locked him up and tortured him for a long time. Ever since Jynz slipped away during a momento of carelessness, he has been obsessed with catching and eating him.



Bort has destiny 5 and uses the rune of Pain. This represents perfectly his taste for punishing prisioners without mercy, since his controlling player will  get one extra point of power when Bort wins a challenge. He might not be one the most powerful cards of the game, but he is a correct character to contest the less valuable lands. Why? This ogre is a menace that will force your oponent to spend precious resources in non profitable lands.



A ruthless, irresistible succubus, she inflames men´s thirst  for evil and death. She left the Underworld through the open gate after the blood ritual that unleashed  the fiendish hordes on the Kingdom of Run. Trusted acolyte of the Lord of Havoc, she snatched the legitimate heir of the House of the Lions in revenge for her centuries´long banishment.

At Zhoor´s bidding, she uses her powers of seduction to take over the will of her victims to recruit them to the army of darkness.

The succubus has fate 10 and a special skill called the rune of Lust. Her high value of fate makes of her one of the best cards in the game, but her ability to attract lesser heroes also allows you funny tricks to deceive your adversary. Loreen is a character easy to play, but with a bit of mastery she can deal the winner blow.



A parasitic demon, created from the darkest desires lurking in the bowels of all creatures, he was made to spread havoc through the lands and debase the world. His transmuted form is that of a Dragon from the Underworld. He subdues, controls and destroys everything in his path. After the Return, he wreaked vengeance on the descendants of those who had dared to confine and imprison him in darkness. He took from King Keynan what he loved the most, breaking his spirit, and he took the life of his daughter Thaal. Or so he thought…


Zhoor has fate 11 and uses the rune of Evil. There is little more to say about the most powerful character of Run, whose will only can be thwarted by Thaal, Irine (in very specific conditions)… and Zhoor himself. But this overwhelming power has a price, and it is that you will lose one point of power in the unlikely situation that he is defeated.  There are no excuses for losing with the Lord of Havoc, so please be sure you make good use of him!


We hope you got a better knowledge of these evil characters and the important role they play in the history of Run. Definitively now you will understand better what is their utility in a game, and you can develop your own tactics during the match.

Do not miss the following entries in the blog, where we are going to present the other heroes of this amazing saga.


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