The chronicles of Run: For justice and the greater good!

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We continue today with another entry about the background of The Chronicles of Run. In our previous chapter we met the evil characters and we unveiled their mean arts used for winning at all cost. However, even in darkest hours there is still hope, and it is time for the arrival of bold paladins of justice to face them. Let us introduce you Thaal, the chosen, and the other heroes of good will.


Son of Krona Brokestone and Burk Bearsonn. He is a fith-generation dwarf dragon hunter. An intrepid explorer, his dexterity with the axe is matched byhis legendary prowess with tankards of beer.

Brother of Thaal, he witnessed his parents being murdered by Zhoor, who had taken on the form of an evil dragon. Together they would plot their revenge.


Broin has fate 3 and uses the rune of Brotherhood. This means that the dwarf is in terms of fate one of the worse characters in Run (poor guy!)… but on the other hand he could be crucial during the game. The reason is the rune, that let you exchange his position with another good character. This is something really valuable when we need to save another hero (more powerful) or just redeploy in a more convenient land. If this happens our frustated oponent will discover that Broin´s sacrifice is worth its weight in gold.



Champion of light, virtuoso of the Divine and skilled with sword, she was captain of Keynan´s, king of the Lions, honour guard. She left it when she discovered that Keynan´s ambition was responsible for the Return.

It is her destiny to deliver justice wherever evil reigns. Good fortune has linked her fate to that of Thaal and Broin Bearsonn. These warriors were filled with mistrust at first, but they overcome their rivalry during their long and arduous journey,


Keera has fate 6 and is represented by the rune of Justice. Our paladin is a medium powered character, and she can defeat the lesser heroes of Run without using more powerful cards. Moreover the strongest points of Keera is the ability to boost other adjancent good heroes; a +1 fate bonus can make a huge difference in challenges.



Legitimate daughter of the First Elves, she knows of the secret of inmortality. She has an inmense power to see the future in which she had for a long time used to keep the Kingdom of Run safe.

The pain she suffered because of the evil, venal nature of mankind over the centuries led her to shut herself off from the earthly realm.



The oracle has fate 7 and her powers take shape as the rune of witnessing . Only the most powerful characters in Run can dream on defeating her in a challenge, so it could be a good idea to place Lysbeth in low cost lands and do not fear of being contested. Furthermore witnessing  is an extremely useful tool, since it forces our oponent to play his/her next rune revealed. So remember, in order to get use of this rune properly… always deploy Lysbeth in turns that you must play first!



Raised by the Bearsonn´s, a family of dwarves in the mountains of the Crow, her training as a dragon hunter and her fierce and brave nature have made her a great warrior. She is unaware that the royal blood of the house of the Lions flows through her veins and that she is the daughter of king Keynan, stolen away.

After the tragic death of her parents in the talons of Zhoor, Thaal and Broin decided to seek vengeance and send out on an arduous journey to the gates of hell.

Thaal fate is 9 and she abides by the rune of Destiny. Since she is the main character of this tale Thaal is destined to achieve great deeds, and her best is the ability of defeating the almighty Zhoor in challenge. This is a very solid card that can win almost any challenge; only Loreen and Irina can defeat her… and even the dreaded succubus could fail if Keera is supporting her nearby.


Good characters might look less powerful than their antagonists, but they are very well balanced and have tactical skills that could suddenly change the course of battle. So do not mistake kindness for weakness… or otherwise you will find yourself defeated by these stubborn defenders of the greater good and justice!

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