The chronicles of Run: Between good and evil…

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As you know every history has an end, and The Chronicles of Run is not an exception. Do you remember our previous chapters dedicated to evil and good characters? Right, then you must be expecting the other four last heroes to come.  Hail king Keynan!… and with his majesty, behold the other neutral characters from Run.


Goblin of the Black Lands, in charge of ordnance for the Powder Eyes clan. He was captured by Bort, the Iron Butcher, guardian of Zhoor´s dungeons. Torture and enslavement drove him to madness. He was able to scape from imprisonment in a stroke of luck.

While fleeing, he chanced to come upon Thaal and her band. To survive, he joined the group in exchange for guiding them to the dungeons and the Gates fo Hell.


Jynz has fate 1 and owns the rune of Madness. This crazy goblin is weak… but hey watch out, because he has bombs! This scoundrel is nuts, and you better do not understimate him. Jynz gets +4 fate when deployed as attacker, and that is enough to give a nasty surprise… Bort included.




Thenidiel made her bow, Stifler, from the wood of the thousand-year old Tree of Insight and was eternally bount to the Nebutland forest as its protector. Supple as a reed and silent as the breeze, she feels the forest as one more of ther body´s appendages.

The outpouring of cold darkness brought on by the Return poisoned the roots of the Tree and tainted Thenidiel´s kind heart, drawing her into Zhoor´s cluthches. When Thenidiel discovers Thaal and her band, she feels threatened, and she tricks them into directing their vengeance against Keynan.


Thenidiel has fate 4 and uses the rune of Mischief. The archer is a character beloved by many players, since she gets a strong boost as defender (+4 fate). This allows you to win the challenge over all but the more powerful heroes fo Run, so make sure to place her in the appropriate location. It might be tempting to play Thenidiel early in the game, but remember that it will give your opponent more options to find a good counter.




Proud ruler of the kingdom of Run. He comes from a long line of power-hungry warriors who vanquished Zhoor, Lord of Havoc, at the battle of Red Sky in the Age of the Lions.

By a ritual performed by the Oracle of Fire and the blood of their first king, the Lions were able to lock him away in the depths of the Underworld. From that time on, the  blood of his line was cursed forever and became the key that could unlock the Underworld. Keynan, blinded by his thirst to expand his kingdom beyond what his predecessors had left him, fell prey to the siren call of the forces of darkness. His unbridled ambition led him to lose his kingdom and his only heir.

The king has fate 8 and rules with the rune of Ambition . Keynan is a very interesting hero, with high fate and unmovable (inmune to the Lust rune of Loreen). Use these two strong points in your favor, and avoid at all cost the treachery of Aruh´ka. The orc shaman is an unpredictable character, and she could spoil the victory of our proud king.




Unscrupulous mercenary and faithful parishioner of the taverns. She roams the lands of Run looking for the best bidder to give her any bloody work for the right amount.

Former royal guard, she was expelled by Keera herself due to her lack of discipline and rebellion. Addicted to problems, she will never hold a grudge becaouse now she lives acording to her nature.


Irina´s fate is 9 and she is represented by the rune of Exile. Her life changed dramatically when she was dismissed from the royal guard,  moulding her as one of the finest warriors in Run and ruthless mercenary. However she never forgets the death of king Keynan, and the death of Thaal is the only path for her redemption. In the game Irina can become amazingly poweful (up to fate 12!), but you need to surround her with your neutral or good characters in support. If the land shape of  the world of Run helps, plan a brilliant strategy with her… and Irina will make even Zhoor cry!



With the summoning of the neutral heroes the world of Run is completed; a circle of balance in combination with the good and evil ones. For their own nature, they are independent agents that can become very strong when stars align, but otherwise they could be easily overwhelmed. Neutral characters incarnate the drama of the history of Run, where heroes rise and fall in an eternal clash between order and chaos.

With this last entry we finished the review to the background of “The chronicles of Run”. We hope you enjoyed these histories… now it is time to bring your copy and play with your friends. The time to write your chapter in this legendary tale has come!


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