Smog Riders Showdown: Gang war in the Steam City!

Dear Smog Riders,

A new season opens with another boardgame release from Scale Games. Congratulations smog Riders fans, today we welcome the card version of the game: Smog Riders Showdown.

Smog Riders Showdown shares a common universe and characters with Dimensions of Madness . However similarities end here, because game mechanics and components are very different and the new game is totally independent from its predecessor.

Smog Riders Showdown is a card game for 2-4 players that fight for controlling the critical zones of the Steam City. It includes a rulebook, 32 character cards, 133 tactical cards, 47 Steam Coins, 8 dominion cards, 6 location tiles and 29 Steam Power markers.

In order to achieve this goal we start the game with a gang of two characters. During the game we must hire new characters that would help us, and buy new tactical cards (equipment and weapons) from the market. Thus we are dealing with a deckbuilding game, where we must optimize the deck to make our team more effective than the rivals.

Like it happened in Dimensions of Madness, here we find characters from two factions: the  Commonsteam Aliance and the Abissal Empire.  Despite it is possible to have a gang with members of both factions (non companions), it is more convenient to choose one side if you want to get use of their skills.

The objective of the game is to conquer the Steam City, and you can achieve that goal by controlling three locations (city zones) or wining 50 Steam Power points. Locations can be controlled by characters, but only if their attributes of strength, magic and agility sum enough and there are no enemies present. Combats between characters are common when they try to control the streets, but those will intensify during the game after players recruit new characters and get access to more powerful attack cards.

On the other hand one player can win if he/she gets enough Steam Power points. Those can be earned by playing certain tactical cards, controlling locations or incapacitating characters. Always watch out for the Steam Power pool of your oponents and do not let them get locations freely… otherwise victory will fade out anytime.

Smog Riders Showdown is a fun and frenetic card game that players who like tactics and deck management would love. Despite it is easy to learn it is one of those tactical deep games with moderate randomness. Moreover the art of its steampunk universe will captivate the gaming community, and we are sure it will grant many hours of fun.

The game is recommended  for ages above 14 years old, and it will be released in October 24th  during the international game convention SPIEL´19, in Essen, with PVP of 25€. You can met us there in Hall 6 booth I-119.

If you are one of those counting the hours to get your copy, then do not forget to support the game in the preview of Essen in Board Game Geek.


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