Fallen Frontiers: Meet the fantastic four

Hail commanders,

Welcome once more to Fallen Frontiers. Our ever expading universe is always full of changes and conflicts, and new heroes just joined the fray: Dexx Vogel, Virus, Val´n Dorr and Lee Jenkins. Let´s see what they can offer to your ranks…


He is trickster and sly like no one, so you don´t want to mess with “papa” Vogel. At first glance you may compare him with Tarko, the other senior Sayx officer. But far from it, instead of being a man of action Dexx is a resourceful guy. His particular way of fighting is represented with access to more equipment (up to two items) and some great support abilities.

“Command 2” and “Tactics” are nice skills that give you better control of your troops and tactical resources, and they are perfect to optimize your strategy in the middle of the combat.

On the other hand an extra source of krithium is always welcome, and that is why insist that “Engineer” is a great skill for a Hero. Moreover, “Armored 1” increases the life expectancy of your minions while the job is done.

Dreaded among friends and foes, Virus is the living incarnation of the harvester race. Yes, he is relentless and efficient like all other cybermasters, but he is also a gifted one. There are several updates applied to this “experiment” that makes of him a very dangerous threat for any army.

For example, “Power Surge” is a devastating tool when facing close combat formations, and it can become even more frustrating for your opponent if you use it combined with “Assimilation”.

If you have played Bitsie in your games before, you should know that “Partisan” is a very powerful skill too. We promise you that warp drones with necrolasers or six Slave Warriors carrying shock guns get a huge boost with it.

As if these were not enough, Virus can get up two items from the armory. That makes him more flexible and potentially resilient than standard cybermasters. The new model is awesome and rules are cool, so now you have strong arguments to let him lead your harvester raid.

Stranger among her equals, Val´n had a very unusual life for a Riff. However, either for destiny or luck, she became a cunning commander with a promising future ahead.

Despite having a basic profile and equipment for a Hero, Val´n Dorr has some interesting skills that would love agressive and creative players. “Ambush” allows you to redeploy her before the battle starts, which would be good to support your Atérides teams. And do not underestimate “Raider”, since it is an easy way to achieve extra krithium.

But let us make no mistake, “Military Genius” is the jewel of the crown. Val´n has nothing to envy of the legendary commander Dradd. And if you are playing Ares, why would you not use this exceptional skill? It might be expensive in terms of command points, but it unlocks tricks and unexpected counters during the battle. If you are looking for a flexible and bold character to command your troops, then you better call miss Dorr.

Lee is the embodiment of the mercenary…strong, charismatic and free. In fact he is unique, since all factions can hire his services. No matter the employer, Lee Jenkins will fight if the paycheck is worth of it.

Do you like vulcans? If the answer is yes then you really need this model in your army. The figure is impressive, and his rules very attractive. First of all, his basic atributes are solid (Drill level 4, Armor 3 and 5 wounds), and even above the standards of a vulcan powersuit. He also has great firepower and a reliable close combat, that can be upgraded with some useful options from the armory. However watch out for the investment in points, or otherwise your army can be easily outnumbered.

Lee Jenkins may not have a ton of skills, but “Command 2” is perfect for factions with less access to command points (traditionally Ares and Harvesters). Finally “Armored 3” synergizes very well in combination with cheap troops with light armor. Those riff soldiers need some help to fight another day? No problem, just step aside and… always listen to Lee!


Remember that you can purchase these and many more models in our Scale 75 web store. After a long time this is your chance to collect them… and it was a time to get them into the fray!


Smog Riders: A double agent

Hello smog riders,

Yes my friends, after those awesome painting guides from the sci-fi future of Fallen Frontiers we come back to the Steam City. If you visit periodically this blog you may remember a previous entry in which we published rules for six new characters of The Smog Riders: Dimensions of Madness. Well,  that day we gave you their cards we missed a little detail… their tokens! So this time you can find them in our updated download section:


But that´s not all. Some of you also asked us about one very special and misterious character…

Kitty Reimer, the mischevous spy

“Little is known about the origins of Kitty, but she was raised in one of the poorest districs of Steam City. Life was hard, but Kitty developed innate skills for survival and disguise. After some years her reputation growth, and she eventually accepted some jobs for the Abyssal Empire as informant.

This uncommon business relationship worked for some time, but one day chief librarian Arcturus discovered her activities and she ended arrested in a prision of the Commonsteam Alliance. Then Kitty started, once more, a new life… but this time as double agent. However, even today, no one really can assure to which side her loyalty truly lies.”

An insteresting history, right? If you want to include Kitty in your band then have a look at her rules. Remember that this is an unique character that can be played in either side in a game of TSR-Dimensions of Madness.


That is all for now. Remember that new reinforcements will show up some day, but meanwhile… stay tunned Smog Riders!


Painting Guides: Riffs Armor


Hello friends,

This week continues our Painting Guides section.

Remember that you have available a first tutorial for Ares Armor in the blog, but this time we think in green. Yeah, to finish the Battle of Hextrom VI series, today we focus on the vengeful Riff Empire troops.

Well, as you know Riffs returned for payback and most of the new punitive expedition members belong to a military caste. That said any kind of green or camouphlage pattern will look perfect in those models, but our painting team chose the first. Let’s see how they did an amazing painting work.


Apply a base coat of Caribbean Blue (SC-49) mixed with Boreal Tree Green (SC-42) on the armor.







Apply a highlight with Autum Green (SC-48) and highlight the volumes of the armor that correspond to areas of light.






With  Boreal Tree Green (SC-42) apply a general shadow to the lower parts of the pieces of the armor.







With Boreal Tree Green (SC-42) mixed with Abbysal Blue (SC-08) outline in shadow the gaps of the armor.







Apply a last profiling with Autum Green (SC-48) on the edges and areas of maximum reflection of the armor.





Yes, with these armors your “buddies” look like absolute badasses. Humans, now it is time to learn some good manners!!

Don’t forget, you can find all these colors and much more in our web store.

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Painting Guides: Ares Armor


Dear friends,

Today we start a new category in the blog: the Painting Guides.

Yes, we want to share with you a serial of tutorials, since we know you would love to learn secret tricks to paint your models. If you want to follow some tips from our painting team at Scale 75, then we recommend you don’t miss these articles.

Some you are commanders from Fallen Frontiers, right? Then you probably have some Ares troops waiting to get into action, and this is the best moment to give those bulky power armors a nice coat of paint. Let’s see how we can get that shiny yellow effect in your condominium boys and girls.


Apply a base coat of Arabic Shadow (SC-22) mixed with Sol Yellow (SC-40) on the armor.







Mixing Sol Yellow (SC-40) with Teneré Yellow (SC-10) highlight the volumes of the armor that correspond to areas of light.






Apply a a general shadow to the lower parts of the pieces of armor, by mixing Arabic Shadow (SC-22) and African Shadow (SC-24).






Outline in shadow with  African Shadow (SC-24) the gaps of the armor.







Apply a last profiling with Tenere Yellow (SC-10) on the edges and areas of maximum reflection of the armor.





By following this procedure we will get a stunning result… and our Ares troops will look glorious and ready for battle!

Remember that you have a full range of colors and paint sets available in our web store. If you have a model and an idea, we have the paints to make it real!

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Welcome to 2019 at Scale Games!

Dear friends,

The Scale Games team wish you a Happy New Year. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays, but now we suggest you to hold on tight. An avalanche of new releases are on their way, since 2019 comes full of new surprises. What better way to start the year than giving a review about them, so let´s start!

The Chronicles of Run
One of the successes in 2018 was “The Chronicles of Run” crowdfunding campaign of busts and models. We kept track of the kicstarter, and you can remember that among the add-ons unlocked was a board game with cards set in the same epic world of fantasy.  Well, the project is now at its final stage and it is ready to print; the official release is estimated for next spring.

Let us remember you that “The Chronicles of Run” is a “filler” for 2 players and 15-20 minues of game duration. You can check a complete guide with its rules, which was published in November in this website.

How to play The Chronicles of Run

Smog Riders
Our favourite chibis strike back, and they are stronger than ever. Chaos reigns through the Steam City, and the battle between the Commosteam Alliance and the Abyssal Empire intesifies. The second halve of 2019 will bring us two long-awaited new relesases of our Steampunk universe: “The Smog Riders: Reinforcements” and “The Smog Riders Showdown”.

The first of them is the expansion for The Smog Riders: Dimensions of Madness. The new box “Reinforcements” will include six characters and new scenarios to expand the original game. With these and the other characters presented will multiply your options in TSR-DOM!

But that is not all, because we will not only expand the original game. This year we will also enjoy the card game: “The Smog Riders Showdown”. Some of you tried the protype at Game On´18, and we are pretty sure that this will be one of the main courses of this year. This is a deckbuilding card game where you must form your team and control the city. It is a tactical game designed for 2-4 players, with a duration of 45-60 minutes. Don´t say we did not warn you, TSR Showdown will get you from the beginning…  tons of fun guaranteed!

Fallen Frontiers
Our sci-fi wargame was probably the star player of the last quarter in 2018. The release of the 2nd edition and new units brought fresh air to the game, and we want to complete the full range of models included in the rulebook. Therefore you can expect a more regular leak of releases during the whole year… but we also heard rumours about something really “big” at the end of 2019. Yes, we want to comply with the loyalty and confidence of our beloved fans of Fallen Frontiers, so stay tuned and wait for some stunning news about the game in the following months.

That is all for today. Remember that you can follow the news from Scale 75; you just need to join our newletter available in this web.

Kind regards for all, and we meet you in our next entry at Scale Games!



Fallen Frontiers: Reinforcements just arrived!

Dear commanders,

As we promised we bring you the new releases announced for Christmas… and which ones! Let us introduce…


The best shooter in the Sayx army exploited the confusion of the new reinforcements, and meanwhile he entered unnoticed into the battlefields of Fallen Frontiers. Axl carries am RS3 sniper gun, a reliable weapon (ACCURATE) with long range (40 UD) that allows you to choose the casualties in enemy units (SELECTOR). Do you need to get rid of that pesky heavy weapon or an officer with battle trophies? No problem at all. Axl is your man.

If that is not enough then have a look at his skills, because Axl is not only a good commander.  ESPIONAGE is very useful if you want to reveal the tricks of your opponent, PARTISAN will boost your units in a close range firefight, and  SHOOTER allows you to hunt any enemy hero that shows up. Definitively, as Dex Vogel knows well, he is a bargain.


Artillery lovers, you were waiting for this day… the Vulcans. These specialists wield heavy power suits and are slow  (they can not march) but they are much more  resilient  (ARMOR 3 and 3 wounds) than any other Sayx troops, which is good to hold the line. Vulcans act as a very effective fire platform, each twin minigun has 8 shots that hit on 5+, unmodified by Drill Level, March or Cover. Even the better trained units can not avoid this storm of fire!


You thought Ares were tough?, then wait and meet the Hyperions. Only elite Ares soldiers are allowed to wear one of these legendary suits (ARMOR 3 and 2 wounds), equipped with the dreaded Hellion cannon and a phase blade. And, as if they were not awesome enough, Hyperions can also get additional equipment and become more resilient  (Energy field) and lethal (Holographic vision, Phase weapons or Target Lock). Wherever you find these warriors, enemies of the Condominium are in trouble.


If someone knows how to make war, those are the Riff… and they could not be less against such escalation of weaponry. Hulks are the response of the Empire to their enemies: storm troopers with the best weapons and personal protection available.  Their heavy armor (ARMOR 2, 2 wounds and COLOSSAL) is even better than the one of the standard Ares soldiers, and the Shor´ka machine gun grants an excellent power and rate. But that is not all, only the most stoic and stern Riff can join this elite force , so all hulks ignore the extra command token required when pinned (STUBBORN). We have no doubt that vengeance is getting closer when these buddies are in your team.


If you were worried a few  weeks ago with the appearance of “Reaper”, now your worst nightmares come true. Behemoths result from the Harvester assimilation of an unknown humanoid alien race, one that would have been better not to disturb. These monsters are big and can take a lot of punishment (ARMOR 1, 3 wounds and COLOSSAL), but they are even better at delivering strikes. You do not need to be very clever to understand that it is wise to keep some distance with them; otherwise you will not care if you are incinerated by warp flamers or being smashed with necrofists. If you find Behemoths in the battlefield, you better shot them with all you got or run… now you are warned!

Now these new units of Fallen Frontiers were formerly presented, and we are sure you are eager to paint them and play in battle. They are cool, they are mean… so they deserve no more.

From the team of Scale Games… we wish you Merry Christmas!

Game On’18: Discovering the show

Hello friends,

Are you ready for Christmas time? Well, last week an interesting board gaming show was celebrated in Madrid,  one in which Scale 75 was part of it. We are talking of Game On.

This was the second edition of an impressive fair, organized by the spanish branch of Asmodee, the great distributor company. During three days there were game demonstrations (The Godfather, Arcadia Quest, Blood Rage,…) and tournaments of some of the most popular titles published (X-Wing, Legend of the 5 Rings, Keyforge…). Moreover during the meeting were announced new releases for 2019 and they brought a very special guest: CMON game designer Eric Lang.

As visitors we can tell you that the show was incredible, and we really enjoyed the activities played during the weekend. On the other hand, the team of Scale Games also attended the event by giving demonstrations of Smog Riders: Dimensions of Madness and two new games: “Smog Riders Showdown” and “The Chronicles of Run“.

Many visitors came and our two gaming tables were crowded during the whole event. Smog Riders models attracted the attention of curious and fans alike, and the most intrepid recruits had a blast playing demos. Certainly there was a lot of fun and it was a great experience for everybody.

Smog Riders Showdown was another big success. The card version of Smog Riders was received with enthusiasm by many players. Now they will have to wait patiently until it is released next summer. The art and design of the game got great compliments, but its vibrant and tactical mechanics as well.

Besides SR Showdown a first prototype of “The Chronicles of Run” was shown, and some visitors tried the game. The reception of this “filler” was quite good, and we expect that this fast but strategical game for two players is going to hit hard too.

Finally all these games were part of the official presentation of Asmodee´s new releases for 2019 given at Saturday noon. You can watch the full video (Spanish) here:

And that was a brief summary of the show, we must definitely recommend it. This fair is getting better and better every year… so see you at Game On´19!


Fallen Frontiers: New FAQ and Errata

Hail commanders!

We are living interesting but hard times, an age in constant evolution. In such scenario it is important to check everything… our games and their rules are not an exception. One month after Fallen Frontiers 2nd edition was released, we announce the first update: Fallen Frontiers FAQ & Errata V1

You can find them in our section reserved for Downloads, in this blog, but here you have a direct link to them:

 Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition Errata V1


 Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition FAQ V1


As you can see there are not many issues yet, but some points with the translation to English. We also replied the most relevant questions about the game, and players can now have a better comprehension of the rules.

Finally we want to thank all of our collaborators. Without your interest and commitment it would be much harder to find these bugs and fix them, so we really appreciate that.

And with this important update November ends… now get ready for the incoming news!

Black Friday is here!

Dear friends,

Today, like each fourth Thursday of November, is  a very special day. As you know Thanksgiving is an old American tradition, when we feast and celebrate together. But that it is not all, since just after it comes the Black Friday. 

Black Friday is considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and many retailers make important discounts that day. Thus, Scale 75 joins this initiative with a very special offer: a 15% off in most of its products!

Awesome, right? So do not hesitate and take advantage of this unique promo at Scale 75 store. The promotion will be open from Thursday 22nd to Monday 26th.

The team of Scale 75 wishes you a happy Thanksgiving Day!


Smog Riders: New characters available!

Hello fellow Smog Riders!

How you doing today? We hope everything is under control in the Steam City… at least for now.

A few weeks ago some of you asked us about some of the characters that were not included in TSR -Dimensions of Madness box. Yes, you are right, we are talking about Mirabella Miller, Jane Copperpot, Jenna Jungle, Matt Darcy, Anne Read and Sally Watson.

As you know they were available in the store of Scale 75 for some time, ready to mount and paint, but their profiles were a mystery thus far.

Well, it was a time to get some use of these cool models in the game, so we decided to bring you their characters cards! You have them available in the section of downloads, for free:


We hope you like them, but the most important point… Smog Riders, have fun !

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