Scale Games new releases: October´18

Banner Fallen Frontiers 2ND EDITION

Dear friends,

It is time to welcome October, and with it we also bring hot news from Scale Games

First of all, you should mark next 25th in you calendar. Yes, because that is the date for the official release of Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition, which will take place during SPIEL´18 (Essen). Scale Games will present the game in the venue and you are invited to visit us and play some demonstrations with our staff. Remember, meet us at Hall 6, in booth B6I-111.

Second point,  four new characters are going to be released this month:
Hank (Ares Condominium)
Jason Ramires (Sayx Enterprises)
Reaper (Harversters)
Kira (The Damned)

These reinforcements are just the vanguard of more future waves of releases, but we are sure they will storm the battlefields and allow new nice tricks to play our armies. These models will be available for sale in Essen, but also in Scale 75´s website store.

Finally, but not less important, the “goddies”… The new 2nd Edition rulebook plus all tactical and mission cards are available in the Community section. You can download them for free and start playing Fallen Frontiers at home. You have the models, we put the rules and.. let the battle begin!!


Fallen Frontiers Faction Focus: Sayx

Dear commanders,

Today we come back and review another factions of Fallen Frontiers. After Ares Condominum and the Riff Empire, it is time for the most “human” army: Sayx Enterprises.

Endless Ambition
Sayx corporation´s birth and development is linked to the expansion of humanity into the stars.  As one of the great human organisations, its fast growth was motivated by the need for military forces and logistics to colonize new star systems. Its absorption into INCRECOM years later, far from making it disappear, made the company prosper even further. The giant hive ships that characterize Sayx were developed in this era.

Seen from our cultural perspective, the Sayx  society is ruthless and implacable. Only strength and cunning will allow someone to stand out in this sternly controlled society, where even the most exceptional individuals are just pawns of a macro corporation hungry for expanding its profits.

After the Magellan disaster, INCRECOM entrusted the thick of its military power to Sayx and as expected, their performance was efficient and unceremonious. These troops from the new corporation army were the ones that in fact, after the contemptible Kellion Prime genocide, originated the conflict with the Riff race.  Their subsequent defeat during the alien counteroffensive, far from intimidating them,  was interpreted by their leaders as a much needed purge to improve the overall army´s performance. Bets were off, and Sayx wasn´t about to waste an opportunity to profit at the expense of an unlimited war.


The Colonial troopers
During their gestation period, each Sayx individual is subjected to an intense genetic manipulation program by the corporation, aimed to guarantee a controlled evolution to improve the human race. In spite of this strict genetic control, the Sayx are still the closest to what we would understand as humans.

From among the long lists of Sayx pawns, some fortunate souls are selected to be part of the military operation. The new recruits become superior in the social hierarchy, and are submitted to an extremely hard training to prepare them for their destinies in the front, where they will become rough veterans, the vanguard of the troops that guarantee the safety and control of the INCRECOM colonies.

Sayx tactics
The Sayx corporation has designed and created an army with the best technology available to humanity. This military body was created to face the challenge of fighting in any battlefield, anywhere in the galaxy. This is the reason why Sayx troops have exceptional logistics and mobility, ensuring a quick and effective response against any threat.

In spite of the genetic improvements, the Sayx soldier alone cannot compete with the strenght and adaptability of the other enemy races (Operators, Riff and Harvesters). In a group however, they act as a powerful and ruthless war machine.  Any Sayx battle force is capable of  displaying impressive fire power on the battlefield, but their commanders know that tactics and subterfuge are essential for victory.

At game level, Sayx troops are overall less resistant than other races and they depend on coordination and a good use of strategy cards to prevail. For that matter, Sayx Heroes are unique because they have more command and very good support skills at their disposal. Ordinarily, the Sayx have a greater number of  tactical cards and greater access to resources than other factions (the clearest example of this is their specific card Orders received), giving the player a greater number of combinations and responses.

Because the Sayx have more command and resources, cards like Sabotage or Aerial Attack become very useful tools to punish the enemy. Even if the enemy has reaction cards, they will usually see themselves in the dilemma of choosing between spending those resources to avoid the effects or being able to effectively act with their troops.

The Sayx armory is a reflection of their concept of warfare, based on mobility and war of attrition.  Many of their troops have access to SMG type weapons (which allow them to shoot before movement actions), making them ideal for furtive attack and retreat actions. Furthermore, the Sayx commanders may take under their command excellent elite units such as the fast and lethal Nightstalkers, with their camouflage technology or the heavy Vulcan, capable of easily smashing any fortified position with their artillery.  The latter benefit greatly from cards like Concentrated Fire or Hollow point ammo, while the former will be even more lethal with Fury and/or  Adrenaline rush.


Sayx Enterprises offers players a very different Fallen Frontiers experience. Command and resource superiority allows commanders to execute many actions per turn, so it will probably be the preferred faction for those who enjoy making tactical card combinations.

In addition to this, the perceived weakness of the standard Sayx soldier may backfire on an enemy commander that underestimates them because, with the right tactics, even a small unit of these troops can become very annoying to the opponent while fulfilling the objectives of a mission.

INCRECOM´s cause is probably not the most clean or idealistic of all the factions, but many have enlisted their ranks lured by the resources they offer and the good pay they promise. As they enjoy reminding recruits in Sayx academies:…”Hell is full of brave soldiers who followed the wrong master”.

Event: Scale Games at Freak Wars 2018

Dear friends,

We are back from Freak Wars. The venue was awesome, and our team enjoyed a great weekend of hobby in the company of our visitors. Continue reading

Fallen Frontiers Faction Focus: Riff

Dear commanders,

Today we continue with a series of articles dedicated to analyzing the different factions of Fallen Frontiers. After the stoic soldiers of the Ares Condominium it is time for an army consumed by vengeance: the Riff Empire

An Elder race
The origins of Riffs date from an age much older than the dawn of mankind. During that period their culture flourished and controlled unmatched vast regions of another galaxy. However, even that powerful empire collapsed, and it had to be rebuilt as a new society free of the old mistakes. During a time this worked, but that dream vanished when they got into the path of the terran colonial vanguard. The news of the genocide arrived soon to other Riff worlds, and that was the spark that this proud and martial race just needed to recover its warmonger traditions.

Commanded by vengeful general, survivors of the massacre, the Riff counterattack was brutal and relentless, recovering critical systems after a campaign of major victories. But, at some point, the strong sense of honor of these aliens allowed an armistice. Despite the short-lived period of peace, the fragility of the truce was clear, and both sides know that the next war is getting close.

The fists of the Imperium
Very little time needed the Riff race to recover their military way of life. The new wave that invaded our galaxy is mainly composed by soldiers, which is in fact a fearsome and efficient army with huge amounts of troops and resources. If this was not enough, the Riff physiognomy is well known for its adaptability, making them as the biggest threat for mankind ever found.

Riff battle forces and their commanders are an example of their exceptional racial attributes, in such a way that they are exceptionally versatile and functional in combat, but efficient above all. This explains that a bare hand Riff warrior can face even the mighty Ares operators, while their officers do not envy any of the best generals from the most brilliant Sayx academy.

Riff tactics
Riff Empire has a wide range of troops, capable of performing different roles, like the accurate raids by elite Ares soldiers or a crushing attack made with unending waves of corporate conscripts. Thus, even the most basic grunt, the fierce berserkers or the heavy hulks, all of them serve as one piece of the intractable Riff war machine.

Riffs might not have a technology as advanced as Condominium, but their armies use weapons with greater caliber than the human standard. The Krag´ka rifle or the Moo´ka heavy pistol are dreaded firearms, because even the most resilient power-armors cannot give full protection against a short ranged shot. A few squads of Riff soldiers can deploy a dangerous line of fire, without investing to much resources or command. However they are not hardened troops and we must take care of morale, so it would be good to lead them with Commander Heroes, or by choosing the Inspiring Speech tactical card.

If we prefer deploying veterans, then storm troopers are our natural choice. Since they are better trained and equipped they can win even in the hardest combats, but they really become a truly hard to kill unit when boosted with tactics like Concentration or Dodge.


Another iconic Riff unit is the berserker, close combat specialists that spread chaos and destruction. We can use Sprint or Infiltration in order to help them to charge, while Hit and Run is very handy to let them lock in assault as many enemies as possible.

Player will find different playing styles by using the Riff Heroes, since they can recruit inspiring leaders like Draxx or a trueborn slaughter. If you do not know what I am talking about, then just wait and watch Sihlas in action, with or without using Hit.

The Riffs are one of the pillars of Fallen Frontiers. They are not only one of the icons of this universe, but the most polyvalent battle force. Collecting this army is as fun as playing it. The different look of their troops is also implemented in the different ways they fight in battle. Even when belonging to same side, it is easy to find two different Riff armies.

As a summary, the Riff Empire is the versatile option, and the most inventive players will enjoy trying all its variants. If this was not enough, who does not like the idea of giving retribution through the galaxy? Yes fellow commander… vengeance will be ours!

Krull Baal

Event: Ludo Ergo Sum and Freak Wars venues

Hello friends,

Scale 75 is back to work from holidays, and the studio is full of activity with new and exciting projects. Furthermore September bring us important dates, the two local game conventions : Ludo Ergo Sum (LES) and Freak Wars.

Ludo Ergo Sum (7-9th September) 
This is the 11th edition of LES, a popular board game convention that takes place in the  Centro Deportivo Municipal of Aluche (Madrid). Several publishers from the whole country come every year to show their new releases, and it is a great show with many organized activities (tournaments, prototype testing, talks and RPG).

Scale 75 is going to participate this year, by playing demos of “The Smog Riders: Dimensions of Madness”. If you want to try this exciting game, you can visit us next Saturday evening (Board D16) or Sunday morning (D19). We will be happy to introduce you to the secrets of the Steam City.

Freak Wars (15-16th September) 
Do you like wargames? If your answer is yes, then do not miss this chance and come to Freak Wars. Being one of the few events dedicated to wargames in Spain, Freak Wars has become an essential date for fans of gaming and models. Scale 75 will be present at the event, like some of the most important companies of the sector, but this time it is also the main sponsor.

If you are that weekend in Madrid, that is a great opportunity to play our games in best scenario and company. Moreover, Freak Wars is going to hold the first official presentation of Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition. You can have tons of fun and be part of history at the same time.

That is all for now. We just want to invite you to the show… and we expect to meet you at the other side of the board!.

Fallen Frontiers Faction Focus: Ares

Dear commanders,

We are back with Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition, and we start a set of entries about the factions of the game. In particular we will focus today on the Ares Conduminium in order to know more about the army and the influence that the changes will have on it.

Gods of war
Ares is a race of synthetic creatures, with human appearance but with greater skills and morphology. They initially served the enigmatic beings called the “Masters”, but some of them were freed by humans after being discovered during the colonial expansion. These “operators” were studied and brought many scientific discoveries, but in the end their right to self determination was recognized and military support was given to them to liberate their comrades. After a deadly civil war, the Ares Condominium arises, a newly forged society of super-soldiers, hungry for glory and prosperity.

The Ares army
The excellent physical characteristics and technology of the Ares race is perfectly represented in the composition of the army. Ares battle-forces are composed by elite soldiers, very resilient and equipped with better weapons and items than other factions. Despite the fact that Condominium troops are commonly overwhelmed in numbers, their excellent training and armor outweigh that disadvantage.

Ares are  by nature jealous of their recently earned freedom, which is represented with a limited access to command points. On the other hand, every Ares Hero has a greater amount of wounds because of their exceptional physiognomy, and they also have powerful equipment and a wider range of options at their disposal. This makes any leader of the Condominium a fierce fighter, in addition to an invaluable officer.

Ares Tactics
The attributes of the Ares Codominium units condition the way their battle-forces are built. Given that this is a very resilient and disciplined army, an experienced general can use it as a stone against which waves of enemies will be crushed. However the administration of krithium and command points must be done carefully, or otherwise Ares could become overwhelmed in numbers and tactical flexibility with ease. Having these considerations in mind, it is a good idea to get cheap tactical cards with a very specific role in the battle plan.

For example, the cards “Take  cover!” (cost 0) or “Dodge” (Cost 1) can be specially powerful when played on Ares Soldiers (Drill Level 4 and Armour 2). Almost without paying command points, they can get cover and increase their Drill Level against enemy fire, which makes them even harder to kill. If this was not enough, we can use “First aid” (Cost 2) in the most critical moments, reducing the damage received even futher.

Offensively, Ares troops usually have more range, ensuring that they will hit fist. In order to make this even more effective, tactics like “Reload” or “Hollow Point Ammo” can be good options, because they can obliterate poorly trained and equipped units with little command cost. If more firepower is necessary, then “Assault Formation” or the “Partisan” skill (Bitsie) are perfect to increase the rate of our weapons.

The Ares army is a great option for both veteran and new players. Since it demands fewer models and it is a resistant block, the new players can build their battle-force rapidly, and they will feel comfortable by watching how Ares soldiers can resist the punishment in battle with ease. Veterans will a find an interesting challenge in this faction, because these armies are small in number, and they need a correct use of tactics and troops in advanced level games.

One way or another, collecting the Ares Condominium is always an attractive option, since deploying a full detachment of super-soldiers in power suits is a sight to behold. Moreover some of the most charismatic characters from Fallen Frontiers belong to this faction, and it is a great pleasure to watch them in action. So… will you join the rebellion?



Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition preview


Hello commanders,

A few weeks ago we released in Scale Games a teaser of Fallen Frontiers 2nd edition. It is time to get you into the fray, and first of all we are going to review the most important changes in this new version of the game.

Some of you have asked us the same question… what happens with my old stuff? Well, there is no problem at all. Most of the components included in the first edition boxes can be used in the 2nd, so this is the perfect moment to take them and roll them out.

The most substantial changes affect the rulebook and cards, but new versions of these are going to be printed again. Moreover, they will be available in our download section for free too.

The Battle for Hextrom VI DIsplay FF


In order to make it easier to learn, Fallen Frontiers rulebook has been divided in two parts: Basic and Advanced Rules. Core rules are now very simple but dynamic, which is perfect to train our new fellow recruits. Veterans will prefer to deep into the full game from the beginning, and for them a complete section with advanced rules (effect of terrain, formations, army attrition, overwatch…) has been added. In general players will find a more intuitive book, with many new options for the most exigent commanders.

Tactical cards are now the only ones necessary to play the game. Units and equipment are now written in an army sheet where players control the composition of their battle forces. This makes them more handy, and our commanders will love to try every different combination now available for them.

Some of the mechanics have been kept and others were replaced, but the essence of Fallen Frontiers remains intact. For example, in 2nd edition the initiative is determined at the start of the game and it can not be changed every turn, while close combat has been modified and now it follows very similar rules than ranged attacks.

However, the most important changes come with the use of command points, the deck of tactical cards and a new system of missions.

In 2nd edition command points are necessary not only for using tactical cards, but also for the activation of units. Players get their command points at the beginning of each round, and they must administrate them to give orders to the army or apply the effects of cards and/or certain skills. The size of the command pool depends on the army composition and the number of Heroes, so this is now a very important aspect to manage even before the battle starts.

The use of tactics that boost your troops is one of the main characteristics of Fallen Frontiers, and now they have a greater impact. Why? Because the tactical decks are now smaller in size, but players can control the cards available more easily. At the beginning of each round players can choose from the deck as many tactical cards as the sum of the command attribute of the Heroes in the army. Thus in 2nd edition the deck building is critical, and a correct selection of cards during combat can lead you to victory or defeat.

Different deployments and a new system of secret missions have been implemented. With them the playability of Fallen Frontiers has been increased exponentially, and players will experience a sense of tactics and strategy much deeper than before. You can adapt your mission to the enemy or the battlefield… but be aware, your opponent is going to do the same as well!.


As you can see Fallen Frontiers 2nd edition comes with a lot of cool changes. But don’t worry commanders the game is now very easy to learn and very exciting to play. Future entries will focus on the different aspects of the game,  so stay tuned!

Event: Fallen Frontiers game demonstration at GTS Valencia

Hello friends,

This summer Scale 75 is going to start game demonstrations of Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition, and the first of all will be held next 25th August in GTS Valencia.

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Welcome to Scale Games!

Hello dear friends of the hobby,

We officially welcome you to the new Scale75 web,  fully dedicated to our games. It is our pleasure to present… Scale Games!

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Fallen Frontiers 2nd Edition Teaser

Dear friends,

Welcome to another chapter of Scale Games. Today we will talk about tales of dark future with epic battles in a merciless sci-fi universe… Yes, we are talking of Fallen Frontiers

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